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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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January 19, 2006 - "The Election Show"

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How does food and agriculture make its way into party platforms? What are the main concerns of BC farmers and producers? How do politicians shop for food?
We discuss how our country's major political parties attempt to tackle the issues of Factory Farming, Declining Farmer Incomes, Regulations and more.


Alex Atamanenko - NDP candidate, British Columbia Southern Interior. Alex ran in the 2004 election and lost to Conservative incumbent Jim Gouk by 680 votes.

Andrew Lewis - Deputy Leader of the Green Party, and candidate for Saanich-Gulf Islands. Andrew received the highest percentage of votes for a green party candidate in the 2004 federal election, and 2001 provincial election.

Stewart Wells - National President, National Farmer's Union (NFU). Farmer in Swift Current, SK.

Cathy Holtslander - Project Organizer, Beyond Factory Farming Coaltion (Council of Canadians).

Andrea Gunner - Agricultural consultant, Manager - BC Organic Milling Co-op (Armstrong)

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  1. Listen to Andrea Gunner's proposed initiative in response to the Jan.5 OK-Shuswap all-candidates forum on agriculure. LISTEN HERE
  2. Bill C-27 (parliament)
  3. Bill C-27 (beyond factory farming)
  4. Smart Regulation (beyond factory farming)
  5. "Protection and Precaution: Canadian Priorities for Federal Regulatory Policy"
  6. "The Federal Election and the Farm Income Crisis"
  7. "The Farm Crisis and Corporate Profits"


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