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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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February 14, 2008

(First aired April 13, 2006)

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Earth Matters How do food issues make their way into our public schools? As Deconstructing Dinner's Jon Steinman recalls, "I remember graduating from high school not knowing the first thing about growing food and having very little idea how the food I consumed impacted the planet on which we live." With schools being the building blocks of our society and culture, how does our publicly-funded education system incorporate into curriculums this all important subject - food.

Part I
Host Jon Steinman takes a ride with Nelson-based Earth Matters as they introduce their Food-to-Table program in local public schools. As a component of the countrywide One-Tonne Challenge, the program involved in-class presentations on how our food choices influence climate change, and saw students visit local grocery stores where food was discussed in-depth.


Colleen Matte and Su Donovaro - Earth Matters (Nelson, BC) - Colleen and Su were the coordinators of the One-Tonne Challenge Food-to-Table program. Earth Matters is a youth-driven environmental organization focusing on the development and implementation of innovative experiential education and community development programs.

Karl Machado - Teacher, L.V. Rogers Secondary School (Nelson, BC) - Karl teaches a unique environmental science class for Grade 12 students. His class particpated in the Food-to-Table program.

Marilyn Lawrence - Teacher, A.I. Collinson Elementary School (Nelson, BC) - Marilyn is the grade 4/5 teacher. Her class participated in the Food-to-Table program.

Sarah Miles and Amber Johnson - Students, L.V. Rogers Secondary School (Nelson, BC)

Grade 4/5 Students - A.I. Collinson Elementary School (Nelson, BC)

Additional Audio

Colleen Matte

  1. Colleen explains how contact was made with teachers prior to the launch of the Food-to-Table program. LISTEN
  2. An additional in-class activity is explained. LISTEN
  3. How the grocery store tour was planned. LISTEN

Su Donovaro

  1. Su explains how such a complex topic was presented to young children. LISTEN

Karl Machado

  1. Karl explains what he would have added to the Earth Matters program. LISTEN

In-Class Debate

  1. Clip 1. LISTEN
  2. Amber Johnson describe her role during the debate. LISTEN

Grocery Store Tours

  1. Product origin activity. LISTEN
  2. Kraft activity. LISTEN
  3. MSG activity. LISTEN
  4. Peanut Butter activity. LISTEN

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Photos from the grocery store tours


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