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August 3, 2006

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The GMO Trilogy Launched in April 2006, a new DVD and CD set produced by bestselling author Jeffrey Smith (Seeds of Deception) shows that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) put our health and environment at risk. The release of The GMO Trilogy was in conjunction with Earth Day (April 22) and International GMOpposition Day (April 8)- a coordinated 30-nation campaign to raise awareness about genetically modified (GM) food.

Organizations will be asking hundreds of thousands of their members to buy the Trilogy to show at house parties and several manufacturers have sponsored the 3-disc set to keep it affordable.

Deconstructing Dinner will be featuring the 3-part series in audio format between June and September.

Part 2 - Unnatural Selection

Produced by Bertram Verhaag and Gabrielle Kroeber. This stunning European documentary made available for the first time in North America, reveals several harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide.

  • A failed GM cotton crop prompts farmer suicides in India.
  • Windborne GM canola contaminates organic and conventional farms in Canada. One farmer fights Monsanto in the Supreme Court.
  • A company seeks approval for giant GM salmon that may threaten the survival of the natural species.
  • GM pigs are born with ghastly mutations.
  • And experts reveal how inadequate testing and regulations put us at risk.

The film features...

Vandana Shiva - Navdanya, New Delhi, India

Andrew Kimbrell - Centre for Food Safety, (Washington, D.C.)

Percy Schmeiser - Saskatchewan Farmer

Marc Loiselle - Saskatchewan Farmer, Saskatchewan Organic Directorate

Martin Pratchler - Saskatchewan Farmer

Larry Bain - Nextcourse, Acme Chophouse (San Francisco)

Joseph McGonigle - Aqua Bounty Technologies - (Boston/Newfoundland/PEI)

Terje Traavik - Norwegian Institute of Gene Ecology

Richard D. Howard - Purdue University

and others...

Music by Salt-Spring Island musician Phil Vernon will be featured on this broadcast, including an exclusive live recording prepared by Deconstructing Dinner correspondent Andrea Langlois.

Deconstructing Dinner is strongly recommending that individuals and groups purchase the Trilogy and arrange group viewings of this moving and provocative film.

Musical Selection (name/title/album/label)
Theme/Soundclip - Adham Shaikh, Infusion, Fusion, Sonic Turtle (CDN)
Music - Phil Vernon, The Bio-Engineers Picnic, N/A, ĘTHM MUSIC (CDN)
Music - Phil Vernon, Something's in the Garden, N/A, ĘTHM MUSIC (CDN)

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The GMO Trilogy
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