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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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September 23, 2010
(First aired January 21, 2010)


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The Speerville Flour Mill is a locally-owned and operated business in New Brunswick that has for over 25 years been supplying the Atlantic Provinces of Canada with local, organically grown grains and foods. The mill supports dozens of organic grain farmers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. One of those farmers is Andrew Kernohan of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. In September 2009, Deconstructing Dinner visited Speerville and Andrew's farm while touring throughout the provinces.

Similar to the efforts that Deconstructing Dinner has documented on our Local Grain Revolution series, developing and maintaining local organic grain economies is no easy task in light of the vast majority of grains consumed in North America coming from areas where grain growing has for over the past 100 years become very centralized. While the Speerville Flour Mill has not operated without enduring many challenges, the business is a great example of the role that small-scale food processors can play in supporting regional farmers and economies. Speerville also demonstrates the power with which demand from the eating public for local organic products can generate some necessary muscle to get those products onto the shelves of national grocery retailers.


Todd & Tony Grant - Speerville Flour Mill (Speerville, NB) - Todd is the President of the Speerville Flour Mill and joined the businesess in 1990. Tony works alongside Todd in a managerial role and joined the mill in 2003. Both are passionate about being able to provide fresh, healthy, organic food to the Atlantic Provinces.

Andrew Kernohan - farmer - Ballymena Farm (Parrsboro, NS) - Andrew Kernohan is an organic farmer in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia where he grows grains for Speerville Flour Mill. Andrew is also the Board President of ACORN - the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network.

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Photos of Speerville (snapped by Jon Steinman)

Speerville Flour Mill's Tony Grant

Speerville Flour Mill's Tony Grant

Photos of Andrew Kernohan

Andrew Kernohan looks over his Ballymena Farm in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.


Photos of Speerville and Andrew Kernohan below
Articles Additional Unheard Audio
  • Andrew Kernohan shares some of the beginning challenges and opportunities found from farming.
  • Andrew Kernohan describes what a "falling number" is and why it's important for grain farmers.
  • Tony Grant answers a question on the benefits of adding value to raw grain products. Speerville offers many ready to use mixes (like Pancake mix), and Jon Steinman asked Tony if value-adding makes it easier to work with grains that might not be ideal for baking?
  • Is there any research being done on Atlantic grain production? (Todd Grant)


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