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October 22, 2009


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Sustainable Agriculture at Fleming College (Deconstructing Dinner in our Schools IV)
Deconstructing Dinner is excited to share with our listeners an amazing new agriculture program for new farmers being offered at Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario. The proposed curriculum touches on many of the areas of focus that Deconstructing Dinner has shared since the show was launched in 2006. The Sustainable Agriculture program appears like an ideal way for any unexperienced and interested new farmers to be introduced to many of the critical pieces necessary to launch a profitable and sustainable farm business.

The Local Grain Revolution XI (Sailing Grain Year 2)
Another exciting weekend has come and gone for the Kootenay Grain Community Supported Agriculture project. Between October 15-18, 2009, a fleet of 11 sailboats made their way from the city of Nelson to the Creston Valley of British Columbia to once again pick up a cargo of locally grown grains and transport it back to Nelson. Launching today's episode, we recap the second year of this exciting stage in the evolution of this local grain project that Deconstructing Dinner has been documenting now for over 2 years.


Matt Lowe, co-founder, Kootenay Grain CSA (Nelson, BC) - When not volunteering his time for the CSA, Matt Lowe is the Assistant Coordinator in the produce department at the Kootenay Country Store Co-operative and a Climate Change Campaigner for The West Kootenay EcoSociety.

Helen Knibb, coordinator, Sustainable Agriculture, Fleming College (Lindsay, ON) - Helen grew up in rural England and worked on farms there. After arriving in Canada, Helen led the program in museum management and worked on curriculm development. Her passion for farming and rural life led her to purchase a farm and later conceive the Sustainable Agriculture program.

Tom Hutchinson, instructor, Sustainable Agriculture, Fleming College (Indian River, ON) - Tom has been teaching courses in sustainable agriculture at Trent University for over 20 years. He is a member of the Sustainable Agriculture program advisory committee. He breeds Cotswold sheep, heritage poultry and pigs and has done extensive work with heritage breeds and seeds. He is the director of Rare Breeds Canada.

Sue Chan, instructor, Sustainable Agriculture, Fleming College (Lakefield, ON) - Sue Chan has been developing the Sustainable Agriculture modules around the principles of sustainable agriculture (soils, soil amendments, composting, weed management). She is an apiarist and studied agriculture at McGill University.

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Photo Album

Creston Farms
Creston CSA Farms (Click to enlarge)

Creston Farms
Sailboat route along Kootenay Lake (Click to enlarge)

Balfour to Kuskanook

CSA co-founder Matt Lowe outside the Old World Bakery in Balfour. The bakery donated a loaf of bread to each of the 11 crews and is a member of the CSA.

The boats gather in Balfour.

Jay Blackmore tosses a loaf of bread to David Oosthuizen.

Jesse Phillips stands beside some of the food he prepared for the 11 crews.

Boats in Balfour.

Matt Lowe and David Oosthuizen on the Makai.

David Oosthuizen keeps warm aboard the Makai.

Matt Lowe aboard the Makai enroute to the Creston Valley.

David Oosthuizen taking advantage of the great winds on Kootenay Lake.

The winds ease up on Kootenay Lake and a new sail is prepared.

A gathering of boats in the middle of Kootenay Lake.

A gathering of boats in the middle of Kootenay Lake.

Awaking to sunshine at Kuskanook Harbour.

The first load of grain arrives from Full Circle Farm.

The second load of grain and lentils arrives from the Lawrence Farm.

Farmer Keith Huscroft transports the first load of grain to the boats.

Loading the Kendra II.

Loading grain at Kuskanook.

Farmer Drew Gailius loads grain onto Irish Mist.

Farmer Drew Gailius interviewed by CBC Radio's Bob Keating.

Farmer Keith Huscroft takes a break aboard Snooker.

Kuskanook to Pilot Bay

Sailing north to Pilot Bay.

Makai laden with 20lb bags of Spelt.

Kelpie as seen from Makai.

Eight of the eleven boats pontooned together overnight in Pilot Bay.

Pilot Bay to Nelson

Boats are seen leaving Pilot Bay enroute to Nelson.

Joanna as seen from the mast of Makai.

The crew of Makai. Deconstructing Dinner's Jon Steinman at rear of the boat.

David Oosthuizen and Chantale Dery on the Makai in the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.

David Oosthuizen and Chantale Dery on the Makai in the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.

In the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.

Jesse Phillips and Dave Heath on Snooker.

The crew of the Makai. Deconstructing Dinner's Jon Steinman at the helm.

The boats arrive in Nelson.

Arriving in Nelson.

The boats arrive in Nelson (as seen from the municipal docks).

Selene is illuminated as it approaches Nelson.

Joanna arrives in Nelson to a crowd of over 50.

Joanna in Nelson (photo: Nelson Daily News).

Kendra II arrives in Nelson.

A four-piece band greets the sailboats on the dock.

Arriving in Nelson (photo: Nelson Star).

Kendra II is unloaded in Nelson.

Unloading Kendra II in Nelson.

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DD in our Schools
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Photos and maps of the sailing voyage posted below

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