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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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November 11, 2010


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Since March 2008, Deconstructing Dinner has been tracking the evolution of the Kootenay Grain CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in the interior of British Columbia. The project is Canada's first community supported agriculture project for grain and it's been quite a while since we've checked in with how it's evolved throughout it's third year.

Also on this part 10 of the series, we learn about the many grain projects underway elsewhere in Canada and the United States, all of which have been inspired by this very Local Grain Revolution series! Specifically, we travel to Lopez Island, Washington, where one of those projects has completed its first successful year. In October 2010, Jon Steinman visited the Island to share the story of the Kootenay Grain CSA and learn about the Island's very own.


Roy Lawrence, farmer, R&S Lawrence Farm (Creston, BC) - Roy is a third-generation farmer. Prior to the CSA, Roy had farmed using conventional methods but the CSA became an opportunity for him to transition to growing naturally.

Joanne Gailius, farmer, Full Circle Farm (Canyon, BC) - Full Circle Farm began in Black Creek, a Mennonite community on Vancouver Island. The Gailius family gardens and raises chickens, turkeys, cows, fruit trees and Norwegian Fjord horses (which are used as labour on the farm). In 1999, the family moved to the Creston Valley where they now farm on 40 acres.

Nancy Crowell, volunteer, KLOI 102.9FM (Lopez Island, WA)

Rhea Miller, assistant director, Lopez Community Land Trust (Lopez Island, WA)

O.J. Lougheed, seed saver, Lopez Community Land Trust's Grain Project(Lopez Island, WA)

Kathryn Thomas, farmer, Horse Drawn Farm(Lopez Island, WA)


2009 Nelson Grain Distribution (December 2009)

2009 Grain Distribution at Ellison's Market in Nelson

2009 Grain Distribution at Ellison's Market in Nelson

CSA members line up to receive their 2009 grains. Farmer Keith Huscroft helps out with his wheelbarrow

CSA members line up to receive their 2009 grains

CSA co-founder Matt Lowe helping distribute 2009 grains

Lopez Community Land Trusts's Grain Project (October 2010)

One of many ferries servicing Washington's San Juan Islands.

Offices of the Lopez Community Land Trust

Farmer/Inventor David Zapalac and his custom light-wight scythe.

Farmer/Inventor David Zapalac and his custom light-wight scythe.

Lopez Island's Horse Drawn Farm

Jon Steinman's gracious host, Nancy Crowell (left) & Horse Drawn Farm's Kathryn Thoms

Horse Drawn Farm's Kathryn Thomas

O.J. Lougheed

O.J. Lougheed's truck converted to grain storage

O.J. Lougheed outside of the LCLT temporary seed vault

Sonora wheat - the oldest cultivated variety on the North American continent

O.J. Lougheed's preferred method of transportation for himself and the LCLT's grains.

A view of farms on Lopez Island

The grain mill at the Lopez Community Land Trust

Nancy Crowell sorts her share of Fortuna wheat - grown as part of the Lopez Community Land Trusts's grain CSA

O.J. Lougheed showing off his grains

The LCLT drying racks.

Sun-soaked grains!

Inside the drying shed and temporary seed vault

An antique Lopez Island steam thresher.

An antique Lopez Island steam thresher.

The electric motor on the modified antique thresher.

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The Local Grain Revolution
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Additional Audio (Kootenay Grain CSA)
  • Joanne Gailius on what she misses about the multi-farm model of years one and two. LISTEN
  • Joanne Gailius on the impact of the Grain CSA on the local food system. LISTEN
  • Jon Steinman introducing Roy Lawrence on the possible risks associated with multiple independent grain CSAs vs. one multi-farm model. LISTEN
Additional Audio (Lopez Island Grain Project)
  • Farmer/Inventor David Zapalac introduces his custom-designed light-weight scythe, used to harvest the project's grain. LISTEN
  • Rhea Miller speaks about the many locations where grain was grown for seed trials on Lopez Island. LISTEN
  • O.J. Lougheed's seed-saving background. LISTEN
  • O.J. Lougheed on the LCLT grain project's ambitions to develop a comprehensive seed vault. LISTEN
  • O.J. Lougheed on the success of growing the heritage wheat variety Red Fife on Lopez. LISTEN


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