Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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This page will act as a portal into the evolution of Community Food Matters - a collective of concerned residents, organizations and businesses, looking to foster a more sustainable localized food system in the Nelson, British Columbia area.
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March 24, 2009
2009 Community Food Matters Gathering
Nelson, B.C.

The Gathering was designed to stimulate awareness and collaboration within the community.

Audio recordings from the event can be found on...

Part I and Part II


  1. Post-event Press Release
  2. Minutes and Notes

November 13 and 14, 2007
"Future of Food in the Kootenays Conference"
Nelson, B.C.

Conference Goals
The Future of Food Conference is designed both to educate the local populace with regards to reportedly threatened core food security issues and further to create a report outlining barriers and solutions that will guide a 'working group'. Their task will be to steward implementation of the changes necessary for local/regional food reliance in the coming years.

Community Food Matters supported this conference and shared the group's work with delegates through a 20-minute presentation.

Conferernce Recordings and Shows LINK HERE

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Address: Community Food Matters, c/o Nelson Food Cupboard 602, Silica Street Nelson BC V1L 4N1

Food Forum Poster
Saturday, November 18, 2006
Community Food Forum

Hosted by Community Food Matters, the forum was the first of its kind in Nelson, and the following clips highlight some of the speakers at the event.

  1. Introductions / Abra Brynne - Guest Speaker, "Fomenting a Revolution" LISTEN (29:02)
  2. Marya Skrypiczajko (Nelson Food Cupboard Society) / Abra Brynne - "Inspiring local food bank story / Food Policy" LISTEN (5:32)

Food Forum Report (.doc)

Abra Brynne
Guest speaker Abra Brynne at the
November 18 Community Food Forum

Kim Palfenier
Event organizer Kim Palfenier speaks to the almost
100 in attendance at the November 18 Community Food Forum


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