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Deconstructing Dinner's Bi-Weekly Column is on hold indefinitely as we focus our attention on other exciting projects. Thanks for your support and understanding and we hope the column will return in the near future.


October 26 - "Halifax Awaits a World-Class Farmers' Market" The oldest farmers' market in North America prepares for an exciting move

October 12 - "More Grain to be Transported by Sailboats in Project's Year Two" A fleet of 12 sailboats will ply the waters of Kootenay Lake this weekend and transport 12,000lbs of locally-grown grains.

September 28 - "Deconstructing Dinner on the East Coast" A crash-course on east coast food and agriculture reveals many threats and opportunities to local food production in the Atlantic provinces.

September 15 - "New Denver Goes G.E. Free" Local Governments in B.C. Continue to Adopt Genetically Engineered (G.E.) Free Policies

Summer Break

July 15 - "Labour Intensive Farming "No Longer Relevant" - Minister of Public Safety" How the planned closure of Canada's prison farm program is lending valuable insight into the food and agricultural policies of the Government of Canada

June 25 - "Belo Horizonte and Ending Hunger" Will it take a strong role from municipal governments to once and for all alleviate food insecurity?

June 18 - "The Sourdough Waffle" Why do sourdough waffles taste and feel so good?

June 11 - "What is Convenience?" Should our interest to lead more responsible lifestyles begin with how we define 'convenience'?

June 4 - "Sailing Zucchinis in Puget Sound" A fossil-fuel free distributor of food is emerging in Seattle and creating new connections between the field, the water and the fork.

May 28 - "Genetically Engineered Crops - A "Spectacular Failure"?: Dr. E. Ann Clark" Canadians invest a substantial amount of public money into the development and promotion of genetically engineered crops. What have we received in return?

May 21 - "Dow Formalizes NAFTA Challenge to Quebec's Pesticide Ban" One of the world's largest manufacturers of chemicals disputes the reasons for cosmetic pesticide bans and takes legal action against Canada.

May 7 - "A Primer on Pesticide Propaganda" The pesticide industry is on the defense in Canada, but how does the validity of their arguments shape up?

April 30 - "Whose Interests are Converging at Canada's Agricultural Schools?" An investigative look into the philosophies and academic backgrounds driving the University of Guelph's agricultural college.

April 23 - "A Perplexing and Promising Tale of Milk" The story of how one B.C. farm has become fed up with the distance their milk travels to be processed and is now exploring how to keep it local.

April 9 - "Guelph Organic Agriculture Axed... Almost!" With organic food as one of the fastest growing sectors in the food system, Canada's only organic agriculture degree program is oddly on the chopping block.

April 2 - "Hosting a Community Dialogue on Local Food Systems" A closer look at one community and the people involved in enhancing their food system.

March 26 - "A Crisis in Awareness and Participation" Farmer and author Michael Ableman on the real crisis facing North Americans.

March 19 - "Canadian Beef Consolidated Further" The recent takeover of Canada's largest beef packing plant leaves two companies controlling a whopping 83% of Canadian beef.

March 12 - "The Real Dirt on Farming II" Part II in a series on the pros and cons of how Canada's agricultural commodity groups communicate with the Canadian public.

March 5 - "The Real Dirt on Farming I" The pros and cons of how Canada's agricultural commodity groups communicate with the Canadian public.

February 25 - "The Age of Inequality" Celebrated Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath shares his understanding of how our consumption habits here in North America affect India's rural poor.

February 19 - "Agri-Business Exposed" A look into one of the world's largest and unknown food companies.

February 12 - "Frances Moore Lappé - Ending Hunger, Feeding Hope" Frances Moore Lappé at the University of Alberta's International Week

January 22 - "The Future of Salmon Farms" Is British Columbia's salmon aquaculture industry seeking to make up lost ground to public opposition?

January 15 - "Pigs and Chickens Make Beer Too!" A visit to Canada's only certified organic farmhouse microbrewery.

January 8 - "Will 'Organic' Ever Be a Thing of the Past?" The quietly practiced art of biodynamic farming appears to be more in line with what 'organic' should really stand for.


December 17 - "Whopper Virgins" How Burger King's latest marketing strategy is broiling a lot of controversy.

December 9 - "Maude Barlow and the Global Water Crisis" How will an almost comedic carelessness of water consumption south of the border affect us here in Canada?

December 3 - "How Can We Better Connect With our Food?" Montreal artist Victoria Stanton introduces a unique activity that appears to be a logical first step to better connect with our sustenance.

November 26 - "Local Food'service'" Widespread collaboration on Vancouver Island has spawned a new business that challenges the dominant foodservice/restaurant distribution system.

November 18 - "Farmers Unite?" Can solidarity among all farmers, big and small, help save the family farm? Author and Farmer Luanne Armstrong reflects on the meaning of the title "farmer" and suggests that regardless of divisions, all farmers share a common bond.

November 12 - "A Much Anticipated Harvest" As members of Canada's first community supported grain project receive their grains, what was the yield and the value to the farmers and eaters.

October 30 - "Genetically-Engineered Free Zone Nearing Reality in B.C." In less than four months since the campaign's official launch, a devoted group of food security advocates have begun introducing their resolution to municipal councils.

October 23 - "Canada's First Inland Distribution of Grain?" On October 26, a fleet of sailboats is expected to arrive in Nelson loaded with locally grown grains.

October 15 - "Biofuels, Beer and Your Pocketbook" How the biofuel boom may increase financial emissions on ale.

October 7 - "Federal Candidates Debate on the Future of Agriculture" Political parties have strikingly different visions for Canadian agriculture and food.

September 30 - "Cooperating for Food in Tough Economic Times" How one Illinois community rallied together to take greater control over their food supply.

September 23 - "The Human Right to Food" As food systems around the world face increasing challenges, a new dialogue is emerging.

September 11 - "Heritage Foods: Preserving Diversity" Exploring Canada's 'Ark of Taste'.

September 2 - "An Urban Backyard Chicken Slaughter" Experiencing food close to home and close to the heart.

August 27 - "Lessons from Cuba" How Cuba's agricultural revolution can help guide the rest of the world towards more responsible food production.

August 18 - "Fred Eaglesmith on Agriculture and Food" Deconstructing Dinner sits down with the Juno award winning bluegrass musician.

August 12 - "Personal vs. Corporate Responsibility" Who bears the responsibility to ensure the existence of a responsible food system? Is it the individual or the corporation?

August 1 - "Is Canada's Ice Cream Disappearing?" When a British Columbia ice cream vendor noticed a radical change in the flavour and texture of the Breyers ice cream being sold from his stand, he made a shocking discovery.

July 22 - "Is B.C. About to Become Free of Genetically-Engineered Crops?" Genetically-Engineered Free Campaigns Across B.C. Receive Glowing Approval From Percy Schmeiser.

July 15 - "Community Farms" A new model is sprouting up throughout British Columbia that is looking at farming in a whole new way.

July 8 - "In Search of the Culture of Meat" How one author went undercover at one of Canada's largest slaughterhouses and re-emerged as a conscientious carnivore

July 1 - "Chickens in Your Backyard - Part II" Bucky Buckaw lends insight yet again for thissecond installment in a series on backyard chickens.

June 24 - "Fermenting Revolution" Author Christopher Mark O'Brien writes about saving the world while enjoying a tasty brew.

June 17 - "Why Deconstruct Dinner?" At 100 episodes old, Deconstructing Dinner encourages everyone to become a 'food citizen'.

June 10 - "Canadians Denied Food Labelling" A bill calling for the mandatory labelling of genetically-engineered foods is denied in the House of Commons.

May 27 - "The Coffee Mug Revolution" How one coffee stand owner is challenging the take-out coffee cup and building a back-alley cappuccino community.

May 20 - "Across Canada on Three Wheels" Two Ontario tricyclists make their way across Canada hoping to raise awareness of where our food comes from.

May 12 - "The Guerrilla Gourmet" How one innovative restaurant model has become a form of 'restaurant therapy'!

May 5 - "The Global Food Crisis and the Media" Has media negligence contributed to the latest worldwide food concerns?

April 28 - "The Disappearance of Omega-3s" Omega-3s have been the talk as of late, but as with any diet craze, it appears our understanding of their vital role is way off.

April 21 - "Provincial Food Politics" British Columbia MLA Calls on Farmers to Unite and Challenge the Dismal Provincial Support for Agriculture.

April 14 - "Global Hops Shortage" Although the recent worldwide shortage of hops for beer-making has had a significant impact on small-scale brewers, local farmers are smiling!

April 5 - "Monsanto Pays Percy Schmeiser $660" Few farmers would dare stand up to one of the largest agricultural corporations in the world, but Percy Schmeiser continues his battle.

April 2 - "Backyard Chicken Benefits" Accommodating a few feathered friends in the city can provide a wealth of benefits, however, some municipalities still say harbouring poultry is a punishable crime!

March 25 - "The Local Grain Revolution" A network of farmers, millers, bakers and eaters, has formed to launch Canada's first Community Supported Agriculture project for grain.

March 16 - "Deconstructing Dinner in our Schools" At only ten years of age, Kodiak Morasky is deeply concerned about where his food comes from.

March 9 - "Slow is Beautiful" Through the pursuit of happiness, can we become more ecological citizens?

February 25 - "Death to Weeds - A Misguided Approach?" How the Pesticide Industry is Pushing a Set of Values That Undermines Our Food Supply.

February 18 - "Future of Food" How Canadian communities are taking food issues into their own hands.

February 10 - "Biofuel Boom: Greenwashing and Jet-Powered Cars" Industry and government refer to them as "sustainable" and "clean", but biofuels are far from it.

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