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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food

Listen to a few broadcasts of Deconstructing Dinner, and choosing food may suddenly become an intimidating adventure. It is of the utmost importance that we also bring our listeners examples of alternatives to the industrial food system that is spiralling out of the control of Canadians.

Enter the co-operative model of operating a business. Long an example in Canada of how people can assume control over our needs and resources, co-operatives as an alternative to the industrial food system will be the focus of this series. This is an exciting series, as we ourselves at Kootenay Co-op Radio are a co-operative too.

How does a co-operative differ from a traditional business? Most importantly, a co-operative is owned and democratically controlled by the people who use the services or by those working within the co-op. A co-op is operated for the benefit of members and members have a say in decisions affecting the co-op. In the case of food, such a premise directly challenges many of the pressing issues Deconstructing Dinner explores on a weekly basis.

Past Broadcasts

September 25 - "Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food V"
(Common Ground Food Co-op)

Jacqueline Hannah, Clint Popetz

July 10 - "Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food IV"
(Community Farms Program of BC)

Ramona Scott, Heather Pritchard

November 29 - "Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food III"
(The Heritage Foodservice Co-operative)

Frank Moreland, Sandra Mark, Karin Lengger, Bill Code, Graham Morry, Marjorie Stewart, James Street

April 19 - "Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food II"
(Agricultural Land Ownership and Farmers)

Rob Diether, Lorraine LeBourdais, Cathleen Kneen, Brewster Kneen

March 29 - "Co-operatives - Alternatives to Industrial Food I"
(Retail and Distribution)

Abra Brynne, Jocelyn Carver, Lee Fuge, Susan Tychie, Staff of the Kootenay Country Store Co-operative


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