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Farming in the City
Bucky Buckaw's Backyard Chicken Broadcast Many forms of urban agriculture have existed for thousands of years. City dwellers growing food in backyards or on window sills are essentially farming in the city.

As practical and environmentally responsible as growing food within a city can be, the art of gardening has seemingly disappeared in many urban settings. As current farming practices are proving to be unsustainable in the long-term, urban agriculture is looked upon by many as being a critical shift that needs to take place if we are to ensure a level of food security in the near and distant future.

Past Broadcasts


July 1 - "Vancouver's Backyard Chickens II" (Backyard Chickens XIII)
Leanne McConnachie, Shawn Eckles, Lily Ford, Andrea Reimer, Bucky Buckaw and others

June 17 - "Vancouver's Backyard Chickens I" (Backyard Chickens XII)
Carol Christopher, Barbara Joughin, Andrea Reimer, David Cadman, and others

May 6 - "'Crack' Down on Backyard and Farm-Fresh Eggs" (Backyard Chickens XI)
Kim Charlesworth, Ian Fraser, Monica Nissen

February 11 - "Farming in the City XIII (Backyard Chickens X)"
Mark Gorgolewski, Katherine Pigott, Bucky Buckaw


October 29 - "Backyard Chickens IX (Farming in the City XII)"
Bucky Buckaw

September 10 - "Farming in the City XI (Nelson Urban Acres / Massachusetts Avenue Project)"
Paul Hoepfner-Homme, Diane Picard

August 6 - "Backyard Chickens VIII (Farming in the City X)"
Bucky Buckaw

June 18 - "Backyard Chickens VII (Farming in the City IX)"
Bucky Buckaw

April 2 - "Backyard Chickens VI (Farming in the City VIII)"
Bucky Buckaw

March 12 - "Backyard Chickens V (Farming in the City VII)"
Jeff Nield, Bucky Buckaw

December 18 - "Backyard Chickens IV (Farming in the City VI)"
Tashai Lovington, Robert Lughai

August 28 - "Backyard Chickens III (Farming in the City V)"
Bucky Buckaw, Christoph Martens, Steve and Hazel

June 26 - "Backyard Chickens II (Farming in the City IV)"
Bucky Buckaw

March 27 - "Backyard Chickens I (Farming in the City III)"
Bucky Buckaw, Christoph Martens

May 10 - "Farming in the City II"
Steve Pedersen, Michael Levenston, Peter Mcallister

August 31 - "Farming in the City I"
Wally Satzewich, Jac Smit, Beth Sobieszczyk



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