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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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  • "Why Deconstruct Dinner"
  • "Norway, British Columbia"
  • "Sterile Seeds"
  • "Bacon and Marshmallows - The Story Behind Pork"
  • "Slaughterhouses on the Butcher Block?"
  • "Shocking Sugar"
  • "Packaged Foods Exposed II (Nestle)"


  • "100-Mile Diet / Local Food Strategies"
  • "Thought for Food - Alternatives Journal"
  • "Deceivable Dairy I"
  • "Farmers Speak Out"
  • "Agri-Business Exposed I (Cargill Part I)"
  • "Agri-Business Exposed II (Cargill Part II)"
  • "Indigenous Food Sovereignty"
  • "Packaged Foods Exposed III (Kraft)"
  • "Coffee, The Earth, and the Future of Civilization"
  • "Conscientious Cooks III"
  • "Best of Deconstructing Dinner Jan-May '07"
  • "Slow is Beautiful"
  • "Personal vs Corporate Responsibility"
  • "Packaged Foods Exposed IV (Unilever II)"
  • "Biotechnology Myths?"
  • "Biofuel Boom: Greenwashing and Crimes Against Humanity (Part I)"
  • "Biofuel Boom: Greenwashing and Crimes Against Humanity (Part II)"


  • "The Birth of a Farmers' Market"
  • "Deconstructing Dinner in our Schools I (Remastered)"
  • "So, You Want to Be a Farmer?"
  • "The Local Grain Revolution I / Deconstructing Dinner in Our Schools II"
  • "Water, The Blood of the Earth / Monsanto Pays Percy Schmeiser"
  • "The Disappearance of Omega-3s"
  • "Bill C-517 - Mandatory Labelling of Genetically Engineered Foods (Part II - The Vote)"
  • "Livestock Lost - Part I (Slaughterhouses and the Culture of Meat)"
  • "Lessons from Cuba / Employing Insect Farmers"
  • "The Local Grain Revolution II"
  • "Whopper Virgins / Backyard Chickens IV (Farming in the City VI)"


  • "Food System Retrospective and Outlook w/Brent Warner"
  • "Norway, British Columbia II (Farming Atlantic Salmon in the Pacific)"
  • "Norway, British Columbia III (Farming Atlantic Salmon in the Pacific)"
  • "Frances Moore Lappé - Ending Hunger, Feeding Hope"
  • "The Local Grain Revolution VII - Sailing Grain"
  • "University of Guelph Organic Agriculture Axed... Almost / Mountain Valley Farm I"
  • "A Primer on Pesticide Propaganda II"
  • "Genetically Engineered Crops - A "Spectacular Failure"? w/ Dr. E. Ann Clark"
  • "The Future of Prison Farms"
  • "Halifax Awaits a World-Class Farmers' Market"
  • "The California Drought and Fox News"
  • "Linnaea Farm - Ecological Gardening Programme"


  • "Speerville Flour Mill"
  • "The Slow Down Diet"
  • "'Crack' Down on Backyard and Farm-Fresh Eggs"
  • "Rally for Wild Salmon: "Fish Farms Out" (Norway, British Columbia VI)"
  • "Exploring Ethnobiology I: Preserving Traditional Foodways Among Indigenous Youth"
  • "Exploring Ethnobiology II: Nancy Turner"
  • "Local Food Fraud?: An Investigation"
  • "A Farewell... For Now!" (incl. Update on Eggs Investigation)

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