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Growing Up Organic

Demand for organic food in Canada has been growing steadily at 25 percent a year. With new federal regulations passed in December and a new "Canada Organic" logo backing organic claims, the Canadian organics sector can expect this growth to continue. Canadians are becoming more health conscious and concerned about the safety of our food system. Consumers need to be aware of new information about our food, especially as it relates to our children's health. That's why scientists, children's health experts and the general public discussed what it means to grow up organic at the one day conference "Growing Up Organic" in Toronto on February 17th, 2007. The conference was hosted by Canadian Organic Growers.

The organic standard bans the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, additives, genetically modified organisms and irradiation. The result is food that has fewer toxic residues and a healthier ecosystem that will sustain food production over the long term. With the growing popularity of organics, people are asking many questions. Some of the more common questions include: Are organic foods really healthier? Should I be buying organics for my children? Are organics worth the higher price? The body of knowledge around organics continues to emerge, as scientists and nutritional experts conduct studies to answer these kinds of questions.

Through the assistance of CKLN in Toronto and Heather Douglas, Deconstructing Dinner was on hand to record the conference.

Additional Presentations

Speaker: Rick Smith, Executive Director, Environmental Defence, (Toronto, ON)
Presentation: "Toxic Nation or Why Kids Need More Organic Food"

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Speaker: Phil Warman, Adjunct Professor, NSAC and Dalhousie University (Truro/Halifax, NS)
Presentation: "The Nutrient Content of Organically and Conventionally Grown Horticultural Crops"

He is an active researcher of organic methods for growing berry and vegetable crops, primarily at his property at Boutiliers Pt., NS.

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