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Express News/Pennywise Ads (Nelson and area) - 04.26.06

"Environmental Educators Honoured For Good Work"

Su Donavaro and Colleen Matte conducted classroom environmental education work for Earth Matters this winter, reaching over 12 classes and 180 students with very little funding and a lot of their own private time. They guided students with discussions on climate change and food choice. They brought them on tours through supermarkets, and educated them in the classroom about modern agriculture.

Teachers were delighted with their work. Educational goals were exceeded, and there simply were not enough good things to be said about the unique education children and teens in our region have received through this program.

In case you missed the 1 hour broadcast produced by Jon Steinman, Deconstructing Dinner on CJLY which was dedicated exclusively to Colleen and Su's work, the "Food to Table One Tonne Challenge" is available at Click on "April 13" to hear the broadcast.

To celebrate their achievements, and strengthen your hopes for more environmental education, please join us on Friday, April 28 at 917 Vernon Street in Nelson between 6 pm and 9 pm. All ages and program participants most welcome. Please bring your own snacks and refreshment. For further information call 352-1980.


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