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"CJLY dials in dozen new shows for season" - 01.06.06

A wide-ranging variety of new and returning shows, both spoken word and music , brings fresh and interesting radio for all tastes.

The Art and Times of the Guitar returns, Sundays at 3 p.m, a popular survey of a variety of music and players from the world of classical guitar. Host Alan Rinehart brings his impressive background to present guitar music from all periods and cultures along with in-depth information on sounds you probably won't hear anywhere else.

Food is basic to life, yet many of us have no idea where our edibles come from or how raised and distributed. Deconstructing Dinner, Thursdays at 6 p.m., a current affairs show in a magazine format , brings information that is often under-reported in other media. Host Jon Steinman brings his keen interest and research in all matters related to food. By connecting environmental issues to our food system, Jon aims to provide educated choices about food and give listeners a level of empowerment around this vital issue.

Another new programme promising loads of information is Home Air, Fridays at 1 p.m. Co-ordinated by Theresa Southam, this show brings to the air eight different families presenting their individual practices of home education.

Is the world getting weirder or was it always like this?

Guy Lapointe and guests will explore global issues such as money, the military, conspiracy theories, the wars on terror, drugs and open information through documentaries and discussion. The phone will be open for comments by listeners. Secrets Behind It All, Wednesday at 2 p.m., will bring awareness about solutions that can happen in our community to bring about a better way of life.

An old hand at KCR is Olindo Chiocca who brings treasures and curiosities gleaned from garage sales and secondhand shops far and wide. One of Olindo's rules on Vinyl Abyss, Saturdays at 6 p.m. states that every track he plays comes of f a vinyl disk costing $1 or less. But there's nothing cheap about this lively show. Along with the reclaimed vinyl gems, you'll hear some interesting guests discussing an array of current issues.

Another returning programmer, Elan Brink, aka E-Bomb, returns with an old favourite, Rockin' Classic Rock, Saturdays at 5 pm. Along with his dedicated passion for the music, E-Bomb will have a distinct theme each week to tie his varied selections together. Music for all ages...



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