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"Nelson doles out CBT funding" - 05.09.08
Kootenay Western Star

Nelson councillors discussed, for possibly the last time, how to distribute the Columbia Basin Trust Fund (CBT).

A total of $135,469 was given to the City of Nelson, with council receiving 19 CBT grant applications.

Council decided six of the 19 organizations who applied would not receive any funding for their projects because they had other funding, or council did not view their projects as something the CBT cash should be used for.

The rest of the money was distributed as follows: Beasley Rescue Society, $700; Bird Emergency & Kare Assoc. (BEAKS), $969; Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, $5,000; Guiding Hands Recreation Society, $300; Kootenay Co-operative Radio, $3,000; Kootenay Grain Co-operative, $2,000; Nelson Curling Club, $5,000; Nelson Municipal Library, $103,000; Nelson Neptune Swim Club, $500; Nelson Regional Sports Council, $5,000; West Kootenay Eco-Society, $5,000 for two projects; and West Kootenay Women in Need, $5,000.

The projects which needed funding ranged from the Beasley Rescue society wanting a new winch, to the Municipal Library wanting enough money to buy new books, something which is direly needed.

"There is a need to upgrade the book inventory and a library doesn't work very well if it doesn't have books," said Mayor John Dooley.

Council decided to maximize the contribution they made to the library because they will not get the same chance next year, since the CBT funds will most likely be distributed by a CBT committee.

"The library is used the most, so it should get the most money," said Councillor Bob Adams.

Other projects the council support were the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy's Parent Child Mother Goose and Love 2 Learn project, The Kootenay Co-operative Radio's Deconstructing Dinner Project, the Nelson Regional Sports Council's Kidsport project and the Women in Need Society's Waste Reduction Action Plan.

"The food show is one of the most interesting things I've heard on radio," said Councillor Stacy about the Co-operative Radio's Deconstructing Dinner Project.


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