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Similkameen Spotlight

"Bike tour across Canada for food security"

The Similkameen Spotlight - 05.22.08
By Carla Clark

May 7 saw Darrick Hahn and Sinisa Grgic head off from Mile 0 in Victoria in their quest to raise awareness of the nationally syndicated Kootenay Co-op Radio CJLY radio program, Deconstructing Dinner, out of Nelson, B.C..

The duo are embarking on a cross-Canada journey on recumbent tricycles to enlighten Canadians on the importance of our food choices, the impact on the foods we eat, locally grown food in our communities and raising the question of just how safe is the sustainance we consume each and every day of our lives. In other words—food security and physical wellness.

The team passed through Princeton on Wednesday afternoon on their way to Hedley for an overnight stay and a home-grown meal.

"I've always wanted to bike across Canada," says an enthusiastic Darrick Hahn. "We're going all the way to St. Johns (Nfld)."

As high school buddies, both Hahn and Grgic became fans of Steinman's radio program, Deconstructing Dinner. Both decided they would devote their time and energy of not only realizing the dream of cycling across the country while plugging the show, but their mission is enlightening the country on the importance of non-processed, local organic produce along the way.

The radio show's widespread attention has been the result of two years of in-depth investigation into a subject of growing interest to Canadians: food.

"A few years ago, I came up with the idea of cycling," says Hahn of the reason for doing the ride. "This is the perfect vacation."

Hahn and Grgic believe that many of the current health problems are directly or possibly indirectly a result of an unsustainable food system that is built solely upon profit. The journey will be focused on raising awareness and not money.

"You keep your money and with more awareness, you can choose what to do with it," says fellow rider Sinisa Grgic. "We hope you use it to buy healthier food from local farms in your community or support Deconstructing Dinner, a voice that is not yet well-represented in the mainstream media today."

CJLY host and producer was formerly invested in the Food and Beverage industry and clued into the lack of real food being consumed in the community. In 2005, he became aware of the discrepancies with respect to the consumption of food.

"A lot of the chefs that I was working with were fostering varying unique relationships with farmers," says Steinman of his experience in the food industry. "I saw a real opportunity there—that the chefs were creating could be translated to a much larger scale and not just restaurants."

Steinman's radio show is interview based, Q & A sessions and just getting the message across.

"It's mostly interview based. I pre-record my messages ahead of time," says Steinman of the input on his radio show. "And produce somewhat of a documentary on a given topic—sometimes a few topics and sometimes we...(cont.)


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