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Norway, British Columbia

In February 2006, Deconstructing Dinner aired an episode that explored salmon farming off the coast of British Columbia. Three years later, we're revisiting the topic and creating a new multi-part series of the same name.

While the structure of the industry has not changed much over the past three years, public opposition has remained strong. Catherine Stewart of the Living Oceans Society believes this opposition has been pivotal in keeping the growth of the industry at bay. Stewart suggests that this static growth is much to the chagrin of the Liberal governement who had announced that the industry would increase ten-fold when they came into power in 2001.

Highlights of the Norway, British Columbia series will include a tour of an Atlantic salmon hatchery near Campbell River and a salmon farm off the shores of East Thurlow Island. Featured throughout the series will be interviews with industry, government, First Nations and conservation groups. The controversy surrounding the placing of an 'organic' label on a package of salmon will also be explored alongside the prospects of genetically-engineered salmon entering into B.C. waters.

June 10 - "Farmed Salmon Arrive in Ottawa (Norway, British Columbia VII)"
Craig Orr, Lawrence Dill, Mark Sheppard, Alexandra Morton, Fin Donnelly, Gerry Byrne, Scott Andrews

May 13 - "Rally for Wild Salmon: "Fish Farms Out" (Norway, British Columbia VI)"
Alexandra Morton, Bob Chamberlin, Stewart Phillip, Darren Blaney, Rafe Mair, Vicky Husband, Billy Proctor, Fin Donnelly

February 11 - "Updates on the Norway, British Columbia series"
Alexandra Morton

July 16 - "Norway, British Columbia V ("Organic" Salmon?)"
Shauna MacKinnon

July 9 - "Norway, British Columbia IV"
Otto Langer, Alexandra Morton, Bill Harrower, Barb Addison, Gregory McDade

January 22 - "Norway, British Columbia III"
Alexandra Morton, Bill Harrower, Paula Galloway, Barb Addison

January 15 - "Norway, British Columbia II"
Catherine Stewart, Clare Backman, Barb Addison, Jay Ritchlin, Bill Harrower, Ian Roberts

February 2 - "Norway, British Columbia I"
Alexandra Morton, Jay Ritchlin, Corey Peet, Catherine Stewart, Clare Backman


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