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Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System
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The GMO Trilogy

Launched in April 2006, a new DVD and CD set produced by bestselling author Jeffrey Smith (Seeds of Deception) shows that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) put our health and environment at risk. The release of The GMO Trilogy was in conjunction with Earth Day (April 22) and International GMOpposition Day (April 8)- a coordinated 30-nation campaign to raise awareness about genetically modified (GM) food.

Organizations will be asking hundreds of thousands of their members to buy the Trilogy to show at house parties and several manufacturers have sponsored the 3-disc set to keep it affordable.

Deconstructing Dinner featured this 3-part series in audio format.

September 28 - "The GMO Trilogy - "Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals"
Jeffrey Smith, Ignacio Chapella, Mae-Wan Ho, Arpad Puzstai, and others

August 3 - "The GMO Trilogy - "Unnatural Selection""
Vandana Shiva, Andrew Kimbrell, Percy Schmeiser, Marc Loiselle, Martin Pratchler and others...

June 22 - "The GMO Trilogy - "You're Eating What?""
Jeffrey Smith

The GMO Trilogy, a three-disc set that explains why GMOs (genetically modified organisms) threaten your health, the environment, and future generations. Buy it now here, or at your local health food store, or get one free when you become a member of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

BC Residents - Check out The Coalition for a GE Free BC. The Coalition is committed to making Canada free of genetically engineered (GE) crops.


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