A lot of KCR's work is done through committees.
One way you can contribute to KCR is by joining one of them.
General info

    * The Board creates committees
    * Committees report to the Board. They may advise the Board or the Staff
    * KCR has the following committees: Policy, Personnel, Finance, Programming, Community Connections, Technical, Fundraising, and Building


    * Some committees meet regularly, others meet as needed
    * Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are open to the public
    * Meeting dates are listed on the KCR Events page
    * In general, meetings are at  KCR - 308a Hall

Kootenay Co-op Radio Board Committees

Governance Committees

Policy Committee

Policies act as a guide to we can deal with various issues consistently, thoughtfully, and fairly. There is always a need to develop new policies and update old ones. We have policies on :

Employee Evaluation
Extraordinary Donations
Religious Programming
Access to Station
Board Recruitment
Controversial Programming
Complaints and Appeals
Conflict Resolution
Employment Standards
Equipment Use
Executive Limitations
Financial Procedures
Leaves of Absence
Paid Programmers
Preparing Policies and Procedures
Programmer Probation
Public Service Announcements

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for developing the annual budget and monitoring income and expenses throughout the year. The details of this are all handled by the Administrative Manager, but it is the board, through the Finance Committee, that is ultimately responsible for the financial viability of the station.

Personnel Committee

The board is the employer of KCR staff, and the Personnel Committee carries this out. It is responsible for decisions about staffing, including hiring, supervising, and evaluating the two managers.

Operational Committees:

Fundraising Committee

Because the board is responsible for making sure the station has the money required to function, this committee takes the lead in station fundraising efforts outside of our two main sources of revenue, sponsorships and memberships.

Community Connections Committee

The outreach committee is responsible for maintaining the station's profile in the community, and for making sure the station is interacting with the broadest possible cross-section of the community.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee works with the Operations Manager to oversee programming matters at the station, in terms of general direction and priorities. This includes selection and monitoring of new programs.

Building Committee

The renovation and repair of the building is never quite done, and this committee looks after this and the regular maintenance of the building including janitor work.

Technical Committee

This committee works with the Operations Manager to oversee all computer and broadcasting technology at the station.




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