Statement from the Kootenay Co-op Radio Board of Directors
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Statement from the Board

The CJLY Board of Directors would like to announce the results of the naming inquiry that has been taking place over the last several months. According to the painstaking tabulations of Lise Godin and Alon Gelcer, of the members who responded to the inquiry:

24% wanted to change our name
76% wanted to keep our name

Of the total responses which includes members, non-members and the unknowns (meaning they may have been members but there was no way to identify them as such):

36% wanted to change our name
64% wanted to keep our name

The Board of Directors would like to take a moment to congratulate and thank all those who participated in this inquiry – through the forum, handwritten letter or simply through discussion, your gracious and respectful comments were so gratefully received and many solicitous dialogues took place over this issue. It is obvious CJLY is part of a community that we can all be proud of.

Another important contribution arrived on March 5th; a letter addressed to the CJLY Board of Directors was received from Marilyn James, the appointed spokesperson for the Sinixt Nation. It too was a moving and thoughtful communication, the purpose of which was to advise the Board that the Sinixt Nation had withdrawn the request that CJLY change its name.

While James did affirm that, “Reconciliation of colonial injustice is a process in which every Canadian has an interest.” She also observed that, “Such a big pill needs to be swallowed first by the Canadian government and then by the Province of British Columbia.” And continued by saying that, “[the Sinixt people] relieve CJLY of the pressure of reconciling that for which the entire Canadian society is responsible.”

Taking into consideration CJLY’s member and listener response as well as the letter from the Sinixt, the board would like to officially announce that CJLY will continue to be known as Kootenay Co-op Radio. In closing, many of us on the board feel we have learned a great deal, through this process an awareness of this important issue has been raised. And so - as Marilyn urges us in her letter - “Let’s continue the discussions regarding the historical injustice against the indigenous people of this land. Let’s continue to promote an awareness of how those injustices are reflected in contemporary laws, policies, educational curricula and geographical names.”

Please see the CJLY forum if you are interested in learning the history of this process, Marilyn James’ letter to the board is available in its entirety.

Thank you again for your valuable input.

The CJLY Board of Directors.

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What follows are the written and phone-in responses received at the station with regard to this topic. 

Member A: Do not change the name. The head water of the kootenay Lake originates in the east kootenay- the water is our place name - our identity - Do not change the name.

Possible name suggestion: Kootenay Co-op Radio ( there iss no political, financial, geographic reason to change)

Member B: Do not change name

Member C:
Do not change name

Member D: Do not change name

Member E: Do not change name

Unknown: Kootenay is the name of the water that flows from the East Kootenay, down into the states and back up to end up in the West Kootenay it is our water that names this place.  Keep your name!

Possible name suggestion:
Kootenay Cooperative Radio

Unknown: Do not change your name!  Here we are, 10 years as KCR!

Possible name suggestion: KCR!

Member F: Do not change name.  We live in the Kootenays, until the maps are changed this will not change.

Possible name suggestion:
CJLY - Kootenay Co-op Radio

Member G: Do not change name.This is our place too, we share it, Kootenay is what it is called

Unknown: We can stand behind our community cooperativeness by working with the sinixt.  Maybe others will follow.

Possible name suggestion: Columbia Basin something? or is that not good too?

Unknown: Keep it CJLY Kootenay Co-op Radio.  Be proud of the name, it’s where we are.  Until the government changes the map, then maybe.

Possible name suggestion: CJLY Kootenay Co-op Radio

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Dear CO-OP Radio members,

One of the stated rational for not removing the Kootenay name is:

“Kootenay is the name of the water that flows from the East Kootenay, down into the states and back up to end up in the West Kootenay it is our water that names this place.  Keep your name!”

This is not accurate.  Regardless of what the colonial maps say, the headwaters of the Columbia River (the Shwan’ix’qa) are not in Kootenay territory.  The headwaters are situated in what was a 140 mile long swamp area situated between Golden and Cranbrook.  This was a vast mosquito infested no-mans-land before the colonial entrepreneur William Adolph Baillie-Grohman initiated a grand water diversion scheme to lower the level of the Columbia River Headwaters in order to turn these vast swamps into fertile farmlands.  The history of this ‘Canal Flats’ scheme is well documented.*

Thus the headwaters of the Columbia River was definitely not Kutenai territory for two reasons. (1) no one lived there & (2) the Sinixt are the Mother Tribe progenitors of all the vast Salishan migrations and the Sinixt predate the Kootenai.  This is also well documented.** So our water is not Kootenay water it is Shwan’ix’qa water.

But, these arguments aside, this CJLY name issue is not simply about geography.  It is about doing the right thing to reconcile with our region’s original inhabitants and it is about people of good will giving our ‘extinct’ Sinixt neighbors a helping hand. 

Do you realize you have elderly Sinixt neighbors who are in desperate need of medical care but, because they are unjustly declared ‘extinct’, they do not qualify for medical care or any of the other entitlements that settlers on their land enjoy?

“This name issue is a small thing to you but it would be a big help to us.”

(Lola Campbell – daughter of the Sinixt Chief)

CJLY is a collective of people generally supportive of social justice issues but the majority of the CJLY membership have not yet grasped the real issues at stake.  That’s ok because change rarely happens all at once and at least this debate got a lot of people talking about the Sinixt for the first time.

The continued use of the Kootney name in this region does perpetuate genocide and the Sinixt are still requesting that the Kootenay name be removed from all business, institutions and places on their territory.  If CJLY cannot yet see fit to remove the Kootenay name, the Sinixt are calling upon individual good-hearted radio programmers to voluntarily quit using the hate-crime name.

No one is calling those who still do not get it – ‘Hate Criminals’.  For the most part they are just misinformed.  Hopefully this name debate will further the education process and a complete investigation will take place.  It would be helpful if someone from the CJLY Board would meet with the Sinixt Chief Bob Campbell.  He is a walking repository of this history and he is the one who can best describe how the ripple effects of genocide still endanger his people and the community at large. 

The colonized need this reconciliation and the children of the colonizers need it too - for in reconciliation, those suffering the emotional roller-coaster ride of being raised in a pseudo-coherent culture will find their healing and edification. 

Internationally acclaimed author Naomi Klein wrote: “Let’s be clear … British Columbia’s First Nations peoples have already been robbed of so much. It is the duty of all Canadians living on stolen land to join the struggle to defend what is left.”

Alex Peacemaker
Co-host ‘The Reggae Train’ Fridays 10pm
Associate Member Sinixt Nation
** ”Keeping the Lakes Way” by Paula Pryce
“The Geography of Memory - Recovering Stories of a Landscape’s First People” by Eileen Pearkes.
“Ghost Peoples” by Cliff Woffenden
Humi’shumi - Morning Dove (aka Christine Quintasket) spent her adult years
writing of the ways of Native Indians to whites.  A Sinixt woman, born on the
Colville Concentration Camp (now called the Colville Confederated Tribes
Reservation) in 1885 or 1888, she became an ethnographer, orator,
pamphleteer, teacher, and novelist, believing that her description and analysis
of Native American ways would ensure better treatment for her people. Morning
Dove was the first Native Indian woman to be a published writer. In the scholarly
introduction to her unfinished autobiography, editor Miller describes his work
with the Colvilles and his acquisition of Mourning Dove’s manuscripts and notes,
which he arranges according to important customs and cyclical/seasonal activities.

Morning Dove’s evocation of the complexities of tribal life is irresistible, full of
acutely remembered conversations, ceremonies, and events. “What kept us going
was the knowledge that everything on earth has its purpose, every disease an herb
to cure it, and every person a mission. That is the Indian way of existence.”

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CJLY-FM, known on-air as Kootenay Co-op Radio, is a Canadian community radio station, which broadcasts at 93.5 FM in Nelson, British Columbia. The station also has rebroadcasters on 96.5 FM in Kaslo and 107.5 FM in New Denver, and is planning to expand into the lower Slocan Valley in the near future. Kootenay Co-op Radio is cooperatively owned and operated by its members, who employ five part-time staff for day-to-day operations. As of August 2007, Kootenay Co-op Radio has approximately 2,000 members and almost 150 active volunteers.

The organization takes as its Mission Statement:

“Kootenay Cooperative Radio uses its facilities and the initiative and skills of its membership to create a medium for balanced expression of the varied perspectives of our community. KCR aims to entertain and inform listeners through its commitment to innovative broadcast journalism and high-quality programming.”

CJLY is a member of the National Campus and Community Radio Association.


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Fang21 - 25 September 2009 02:10 AM
… It would be helpful if someone from the CJLY Board would meet with the Sinixt Chief Bob Campbell.  .

Hello Fang21 and Alex… just to mention, as a board member, I didn’t physically drive out to Bob, but I spoke with him on the phone more than once for a total of 2 or 3 hours.  That was the best I could manage to achieve due diligence without quitting my day job to free up more time.