Terms of Reference - Fundraising Committee
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Committee Purpose
• To provide a support structure for fundraising activities to benefit KCR
• To guide fundraising ideas from conception through successful execution
• To ensure all fundraising activities are in harmony with KCR values and policy
• To co-ordinate fundraising projects between each other and with other revenue generating activities such as sponsorship, advertising and membership drives
• To work with the Staff, Programmers and Volunteers to facilitate the details of each fundraising project and to ensure the best use of KCR resources

Committee Composition
• The Fundraising Committee is a Non-governance Committee
• There should be 1 committee member that is a director
• There should be 3 to 5 members that are not staff. This will fluctuate based on project activity
• The appropriate staff members may participate as appropriate, in person and / or by email and / or by telephone and / or by web forum and / or in writing, or any other appropriate means.
• The committee will endeavour to attract participation of programmers in order to provide experience and a voice for the committee’s projects
• The committee will endeavour to attract participation of non-programmer members and new volunteers in order to provide a meaningful way into the organization
• The committee will endeavour reflect the composition of the membership with regard to diversity in order to give opportunities to any member who has an interest and can contribute time and energy to a fundraising project

Committee Function
• To hold regular committee meetings to conduct committee business
• To take direction from the board, committees, staff and members on ideas for, and approval of, each fundraising project
• To welcome ad hoc participation on a project basis, recognizing that when the particular fundraising project is completed, further participation on the committee is not required

Chair Responsibilities
• The chair of this committee is responsible for developing or delegating the preparation of a meeting agenda with council from committee members and staff
• For each meeting the chair or a suitable substitute is responsible for starting on time, managing the meeting proceedings, ensuring good order throughout and executing a timely adjournment.

• Minutes will be published to the currently accepted channels, including paper, email, and web
• The chair or a suitable substitute is responsible ensuring that each important issue and outstanding important decision that is beyond the scope of the committee to decide is taken to the board of directors, or the staff, as appropriate, in writing, and that the requested decisions are made and documented and that appropriate actions are taken by the board or staff
• Prepare a summary of the year’s projects for the Annual General Meeting

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Thank you for posting these terms of reference.