AGENDA for Feb 10 Meeting
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1) Check in.

2) Review and approval of the last meeting minutes and this meeting’s Agenda.

3) Follow-up on ACTIONS from last meeting.
ACTION: Deb to speak to Luke (The Royal owner) about his interest and availability of a regular monthly live broadcast. Deb to feedback to Teressa. Teressa to communicate with Joel and see if he is still interested in organizing these events.

Action: Jay to speak with Joel about the status of the Live to Air events at The Royal. Fill out the event proposal form prior to Feb meeting.

Action: Judy will speak to Alex about the wine tasting event.

ACTION: Teressa to speak to Joel about OSO/Ellison’s/Kootenay Bakery involvement.

Action: Teressa will speak to Joel regarding the likelihood of these events taking place.

ACTION: Approach Elder Hostel about involvement....Radio Camp. Events that bridge youth and elders.

Action: Dave Berringer to request Deb bring up CCC involvement at their next meeting.

4) Penny Drive - Catherine

5) New Business

6) Adjourn