Membership Committee Outline of Activities and Objectives
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Detailed Outline of Activities & Objectives.

Membership Committee: Discussion Session: January 15th 2010

Membership List Management Team[/u] (organizational accountability).
Ongoing membership records upkeep & data verification.
Phone outstanding members who have not activated annual dues.
Engage with public through community events & locations to encourage further membership development and awareness.

Membership Communication.
Phone members who dues have lapsed (reminder of renewal, enquire with questiosn if member does not wish to renew: a) because of finances, b) because of programming, c) other.
News and organizational information updated on web site, along with regular press releases to the media.
Email & make available newsletter: three times a year to correspond with season program schedule releases.
Membership Card: with mission statement, description of share, & Friends of CJLY list.
To generate awareness on a) Membership Payment methods, b) Cooperative Principles, c) Benefits awarded to members, d) how membership fees assist the station in areas of finance and grant applications.
Develop Membership Brochure to be made available in the community, on the web site, and at the station.
Communicate and partner with other CJLY committees: Fund-raising, Community Connections, Programming, as well as Staff and Directors of the Board.

Financial Accountability.
To meet budget requirements.
To report to the Directors of the Board membership development #’s.
To project future budget items effected by membership development.
To report at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Drive (Fall & Spring)
To assist and support the Membership Drive sub committee volunteers in planning and executing successful membership drives.
To assist and support the efforts in developing an active and up to date Membership Card list of FRIENDS OF CJLY – local businesses listed that offer discounts to members. To ensure that up to date signs is made available to supportive FRIENDS OF CJLY.

Additional Notes:
vision includes the production of STICKERS; “Proud Supportive Member of Kootenay Cooperative Radio.”