Kootenay Co-op Radio Policies

PDF versions available on this web site, for paper version see the station office and lounge for binders.

KCR Rules of the Cooperative

Access Policy and Procedure

KCR Code of Conduct

Board  Composition Policy

Complaints, Discipline and Appeals Procedure

Conflict Resolution Policy

Conflict Resolution Procedure

Conflict Resolution Forms


Copyright Policy

Diversity of Opinion Policy

Employee Evaluation Policy

Employment Standards


Executive Limitations

Extraordinary Donations Policy

Financial Accountability Policy

FundRaising Policy and Procedure

Hiring Policy

Leave of Absence Policy

Paid Programmer Policy

Preparing Policies and Procedures

Profanity Rating Policy

Programme Probation and Programme Discontinuation Policy

Programme Monitoring Procedure

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement Procedure 


Sponsorship Policy

Syndication Policy

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities



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