Tower Power

KCR needs members and listeners in Areas E and F to let their Regional Director know to support KCR's Tower Power project.  We have applied to the RDCK to move our transmitter to a higher elevation to increase our broadcast range.

Residents of Area E can attend the community meeting on April 23 at 1 pm at Blewett School and vote for KCR's Tower Power project

Residents of Area F can contact their Director - Tom Newell - and let him know they want to support KCR's Tower Power Project.

For more info call KCR Operations Manager - Terry Brennan - at 250-352-9600

Treefort RoundUp

KCR sent a crack team of music journalists to Treefort in Boise.  Here's Jon's one line wrapup.

Andy Shauf- perfect,understated, tender
the Dig- late night rock pop love in
Cydune- Rock n roll taken to another level
Clarke and the himselfs- Favourite one man band. Now transitioning into one woman band.
Au- Dana and Luke virtuosos who take you places while smiling a lot.
Cassiopea- Moody old/new wave
Boy Toy- All women 60's garage
Reptailians- Amped psychpunk
Wheelchair sportscamp-Dirty hiphop
Mutaneers- Twangy 2 piece rockers with harmonies
Deafheaven- Surprise highlight! Super tight symphonic, melodic metal with doom scatchy uplifting lyrics. Blew me away.
Coathangers- 3 piece women post punk rockers
Meatpuppets- old shredders with shot voices
This will destroy you- Spacious, earbleed atmospheric build and break perfection
Wooden Indian Burial Ground- 60s garage freak out rock and roll.
Franky and the witch fingers-Super tight 60s garage rock.
Sun Blood stories- Psychedelic to Beyonce. loving all of it
Emma Ruth Rundel- Troubador, PJesque, Slow rocker
J&L Defer- swedish duo, experimental with pop hooks
Anna Tivel- Acoustic storyteller
Weeed- bellingham island psychedelics
Secret drum band- all drum intracasies
Everyone is dirty- Fun post rock with electric violin.
Mini Horse- Fuzzy snazzy
Sad Horse- Short quirky blasts of drum and guitar fun!
Weezy Ford-Sallys sister rock n roll bo diddly with high pitched popping vocals.
Couches-Garage rock with heart
Weaves- Tweaked, experimental, post rock with poppy hooks
Jonathon Richman- An inspiration for us all
Magic Sword- synth costumed cultists
Xenia Rubinos- super tight funky. Lots of starts and stops.

Kootenay Music Award Winners

Congratulations to our Can-Filters Kootenay Music Awards winners!

Can-Filters Album of the Year: Clayton Parsons Music 'Little Things'

Live in Nelson - Fair Realty presents Best Folk/Roots/Country Act: Dawson Rutledge 'Mysterious Woman’

Nelson Star News presents Best Breakthrough Artist Dawson Rutledge'Johnny's Tale’

Hume Hotel & Spa presents Best Music Video Mooves with Jonathan Robinson 'Baby I Know’

Canna Clinic presents Best Electronic Producer: Moontricks ‘Home'

CRFC Golden KMA Industry Award - Chad Hansen

Nelson Brewing Company presents Best Rock/Punk/Metal Act: Alpine Conspiracy 'The Ride’

The GOAT and 897 Juice FM presents Song Of The Year 2016: Moontricks‘Home’

Kootenay Co-op Radio Artist of the Year - Set at Kaslo Jazz Festival:Moontricks

PIGS at the Capitol Theatre - March 25

PIGS, Canada’s Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute will be bringing their critically acclaimed show to Nelson's Capitol Theatre on Saturday March 25th.
PIGS ON THE WING celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd's 1977 classic album Animals. 
One of the band's heaviest and most political statements, this album has become a favourite for legions of fans.


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