Membership at Co-op Radio

Our goal this drive is to raise $15,000.  Your membership money goes to mortgage payments, ulitity costs, wages, equipment maintenance and purchases and day-to-day operations.

To stay on the air, KCR depends on membership drives to meet a 30% of its yearly budget.

As a radio co-operative, KCR relies on its listeners to keep the airwaves humming and sharing information important to the community. 

KCR has a spring and a fall membership drive; you can activate at either drive, or at any time-but it must be activated once per year to continue receiving membership benefits
 New and renewing members can choose from several contribution levels. They also can choose between paying in one lump sum, or in a monthly payment option.

We have monthly payment options through our website or through your bank - making it easy for you to contbribute.
Cheque, cash, VISA, Masdtercard and Paypal are also payment options.

Membership Benefits Include:

Voting rights at the AGM
A Friends Card for discounts at local businesses
2 newsletters per year
The opportunity to recieve radio training and host your own radio show
Opportunities to win exclusive on-air giveaways

Join Kootenay Co-op Radio at membership booths throughout the month in your community. Call 250-352-9600. Or go down to the station and 308a Hall St. You can walk right in, and meet KCR's valued volunteers, programmers and staff.

Your membership ensures KCR continues providing non-profit radio: unbiased news, local and emerging artist promotion and cultural support in your community. As a member, you have a hand in promoting the ideas and art that are important to you. There are many reasons to love radio from your community, about your community. Kootenay Co-op Radio. It's radio from the community's heart.


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