Treefort RoundUp

KCR sent a crack team of music journalists to Treefort in Boise.  Here's Jon's one line wrapup.

Andy Shauf- perfect,understated, tender
the Dig- late night rock pop love in
Cydune- Rock n roll taken to another level
Clarke and the himselfs- Favourite one man band. Now transitioning into one woman band.
Au- Dana and Luke virtuosos who take you places while smiling a lot.
Cassiopea- Moody old/new wave
Boy Toy- All women 60's garage
Reptailians- Amped psychpunk
Wheelchair sportscamp-Dirty hiphop
Mutaneers- Twangy 2 piece rockers with harmonies
Deafheaven- Surprise highlight! Super tight symphonic, melodic metal with doom scatchy uplifting lyrics. Blew me away.
Coathangers- 3 piece women post punk rockers
Meatpuppets- old shredders with shot voices
This will destroy you- Spacious, earbleed atmospheric build and break perfection
Wooden Indian Burial Ground- 60s garage freak out rock and roll.
Franky and the witch fingers-Super tight 60s garage rock.
Sun Blood stories- Psychedelic to Beyonce. loving all of it
Emma Ruth Rundel- Troubador, PJesque, Slow rocker
J&L Defer- swedish duo, experimental with pop hooks
Anna Tivel- Acoustic storyteller
Weeed- bellingham island psychedelics
Secret drum band- all drum intracasies
Everyone is dirty- Fun post rock with electric violin.
Mini Horse- Fuzzy snazzy
Sad Horse- Short quirky blasts of drum and guitar fun!
Weezy Ford-Sallys sister rock n roll bo diddly with high pitched popping vocals.
Couches-Garage rock with heart
Weaves- Tweaked, experimental, post rock with poppy hooks
Jonathon Richman- An inspiration for us all
Magic Sword- synth costumed cultists
Xenia Rubinos- super tight funky. Lots of starts and stops.


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