The EcoCentric

Hosts: Rachel Mackenzie, Keith Wiley, Bruce Edson, David Reid
Airs: Tuesday at 12 Noon and Sunday at 9 am
The EcoCentric

The EcoCentric is a weekly radio talk show focused on current environmental issues from the West Kootenay region of BC and beyond. The show features interviews with activists, experts, government and industry providing information and a variety of perspectives on environmental topics.The program’s scope includes environmental news, politics and science as well as conservation, climate change, food security, social issues, and more.

The EcoCentric is run by a team of four people who work with the West Kootenay EcoSociety, a non-profit environmental organization based in Nelson, BC.

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Sep 19 2017 - WInter garden workshops, EcoSociety 100% plan, Climate activist news

A guest editorial on climate change from Ron Robinson starts out the show. EcoSociety intern Andras Beda has researched a plan for a switch to 100% renewable energy in the Kootenays. John Alton and John Scott from Chuckleberry farm have workshops on year-round gardening. Climate leadership activist Laura Sacks gives… (Click here for More)

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Sep 12 2017 - Pipeline stall, Kooteny renewable conference, Site C Dam hearing

Host Keith Wiley talks to Lynn Perrin from the Pipe Up Network in the Fraser Valley about how the Kinder Morgan pipeline is stalled. Candace Batycki tells us about Utilities Commission hearing into Site C Dam in Nelson September 26. Matthew Carroll from The West Kootenay EcoSociety tells us about… (Click here for More)

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Aug 15 2017 - Local fire news, private charges on Mount Polley, huckleberry heist

John Bergensky from Wildsight in the East Kootenay is blowing the whistle on commercial huckleberry harvesting near Yahk. Marilyn Burgoon from the Slocan Valley is pleased another person is laying private charges. this one against the Mount Polley Mine. Stuart Horn talks about the RDCK's local firewatch, The Environment News… (Click here for More)

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Jul 25 2017 - More on northern farming, BC tanker moratorium

We hear more about the Northern Farm Training Institute in Hay River NWT. They are working with a "flerd" of chickens, turkeys, pigs and much more. The long promised moratorium on tankers on BC's northern coast is working its way through Parliament this summer. According to Mark Worthing from Sierra… (Click here for More)

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Jul 18 2017 - Food farming in the NWT, Brian builds and electric bike

Brigitte Hus from Blewett did a volunteer tour in June at the Northern Farm Training Institute. She tells us about her time volunteering. Host Keith Wiley also talks with Jackie Milne from the NFTI about how it all started. Nelson artist and signmaker Brian MacLachlan has been taking apart computer… (Click here for More)

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Jul 11 2017 - Fire preparedness, Ospreys on the Lake, logging Glacier Creek, Climate training

Host Keith Wiley speaks with RDCK Fire Chierf Andrew Bellerby about being ready for fire. Tanya Coad talks to Laura Sacks about climate leadership training with Al Gore in Seattle. Program Manager at Friends of Kootenay Lake, Avery Deboer-Smith talks about Ospreys and the health of our Lake. Finally Bruce… (Click here for More)

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Jul 04 2017 - West Kootenay energy report, extreme rain, unsettling 150

The West Kootenay has produced a report on where Kootenay communities -- from Nelson to Nakusp -- are at on reducing fossil fuels. Host Keith Wiley speaks with Montana Burgess from the EcoSociety about it. A guest piece from hears from UCLA climate scientist David Neelan on extreme rain.… (Click here for More)

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Jun 27 2017 - Bullfrog Invaders, RDCK recycling and questioning Kootenay solar

Laurie Francom from the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society ( talks with host Keith Wiley about the appearance of the ravaging American bullfrog in the Kootenays. Contributor Bruce Edson found out more on RDCK's plans to streamline waste from Travis Barrington. Bruce also spoke with Norm Yanke who criticizes the… (Click here for More)

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Jun 20 2017 - Kootenay Carshare Coop, Chuckleberry Farm and Membership DRIVE

Host Keith Wiley and Zoe Creighton run a special all-live membership drive show. Bruce Gardave and Noelle Wang from the Kootenay Carshare Coop talk about the new wheelchair accessible van in the fleet. John Scott and John Alton talk about the workshops in sustainable living they are holding at Chuckleberry… (Click here for More)

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Jun 13 2017 - Rally cars in Blewett! Future of Site C

Host Keith Wiley talks with LK Kivi from Blewett about a proposal for a rally car training track in the Rover Creek Watershed. Candace Batycki talks about Site C Dam politics since the provincial election... it's pretty twisty-turny. Vancouver filmmaker Daniel Pierce from is putting mini docs about BC… (Click here for More)

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