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Hosts: Rachel Mackenzie, Keith Wiley, Bruce Edson, David Reid
Airs: Tuesday at 12 Noon and Sunday at 9 am
The EcoCentric

The EcoCentric is a weekly radio talk show focused on current environmental issues from the West Kootenay region of BC and beyond. The show features interviews with activists, experts, government and industry providing information and a variety of perspectives on environmental topics.The program’s scope includes environmental news, politics and science as well as conservation, climate change, food security, social issues, and more.

The EcoCentric is run by a team of four people who work with the West Kootenay EcoSociety, a non-profit environmental organization based in Nelson, BC.

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Mar 14 2017 - Plastic shopping bags, Seedy Saturday and starting your seeds, Camas Lily

Host Rachel MacKenzie talks with Ann Remnant about Nelson retailers charging for plastic shopping bags... and they hear from Clair Hitchman about her campaign to rid the community of the bags. Rachels talks with Bruce Edson about soil blocks and easy way to start seed. Guest Brenda Beckwith a botanist… (Click here for More)

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Mar 07 2017 - BC NDP climate policy, banning neonics, protesting Trudeau

Nelson Creston MLA talks about the BC NDPs climate policy, which includes a NON revenue neutral carbon tax rises, and rebates. Hearings in Parliament this week talk about banning one of the neonicitioid pesticides. Muhannad Malas is the Toxics Program Manager with in Toronto. He comes on to talk… (Click here for More)

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Feb 28 2017 - 100%RenewableKootenays, invasive species, worlds biggest fires

Host Rachel Mackenzie hears from Erin Thompson for the West Kootenay EcoSociety about the progress of the Renewable Kootenays campaign. Laurie Frankcom from the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society talks about efforts to control invaders. (Click here for More)

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Feb 21 2017 - Rainforest project wins Fuller Award, geoengineering, composting and ecoevents

Host Keith Wiley talks with Sierra Club of BC's Jens Wieting about the Fuller award for the Great Bear Rainforest Solution project. Contributor Amanda Patt holds forth on geo engineering. We also hear the EcoSociety's Jesse Woodward talk about upcoming markets and Bruce Edson talks with Mateo Ocejo about community… (Click here for More)

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Feb 14 2017 - Slocan spill case, Columbia Treaty and electoral reform

Slocan Valley activist Marilyn Burgoon updates the court case on the Lemon Creek Spill. Host Rachel Mackenzie also speaks with Eileen Delehanty Pearkes about her Columbia River treaty book A River Captured. She also speaks with writer Scott Baker who wrote about electoral reform in Macleans. (Click here for More)

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Feb 07 2017 - BC political donations, Nettie Wild on movie Koneline and electoral reform

Host Keith Wiley speaks with Lisa Sammartino from the Dogwood Initiative about the millions donated by big oil to BC Liberals. Mara Lebert talks with filmmaker Nettie Wild about Koneline, showing at the Nelson Civic, Feb. 8th. And Ann Remant, tireless electoral reform campaigner comes on to talk about Trudeau's… (Click here for More)

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Jan 31 2017 - Electoral Reform, BC plants hit by climate change, RDCK waste

Host Rachel MacKenzie talks to Galen Armstrong from Sierra Club BC about the recent court loss of the First Nations challenge of Site C and what's going on now in resistance to the dam project. Local campaigner Ann Remnant speaks with Bruce Edson about proportional representation. Dr. Bruce Hebda from… (Click here for More)

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Jan 24 2017 - New documentary film, Car Share Coop and good news for 2017

Host Keith Wiley talks with filmmaker David Lavallee about his new doc To the Ends of the Earth coming to the Civic, Mara Lebert interviews the Kootenay Car Share Coop executive director Bruce Gardave, and energy optimist Mitchell Beer talks about the year ahead from an Ottawa perspective. The regular… (Click here for More)

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Jan 17 2017 - Windpower, Stephanies goes to Washingon, media saavy

Host Rachel MacKenzie talks Kootenay Coop Radio personality about her pending trip to the Women's March on Washington this week. New EcoCentric contributor Mara Lebert dug into the details of Hollands switch to wind powered trains. Bruce Edson talks about how to spot fake news, and the lack of fact… (Click here for More)

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Jan 10 2017 - MP Wayne Stetski talks about 2017, Montana Burgess predicts highlights

Host Keith Wiley talks with Kootenay Columbia MP Wayne Stetski about national environment issues, local issues and even the NDP leadership campaign. West Kootenay EcoSociety executive director Montana Burgess looks ahead at BC environment issues for 2017. Co-Host Amanda Patt talks about religion and nature and we have the usual… (Click here for More)

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