FANE OF THE COSMOS *CSIS WARNING-Do NOT listen to this show-it harms our ability to control you

Host: Dustin Cantwell
Airs: Sundays 10pm to Midnight
FANE OF THE COSMOS  *CSIS  WARNING-Do NOT listen to this show-it harms our ability to control you

Fane of the Cosmos explores the political, social, economic, spiritual and military (if you can believe it) aspects of Cognitive Liberty and the War on Drugs. From Taoist sexual practices to Bill Hicks, Mushroom Tea to Tolkien, this show seeks to blend serious issues with just enough humour to aid in digestion. With its origins in Nelson this radio show seeks to protect and nourish the rich cannabis culture that lives in this area.

Fane of the Cosmos was started by Reverand Damuzi as The Church of the Universe Hour back in the heady days of Kootenay Co-operative Radio. With added co-hosts Ian Hunter who had a long run on Vancouver Community Radio and Dustin Cantwell - Co-Owner of Holy Smoke Culture Shop, the radio show expanded many of its themes and radio audience.

Following the tragic drowning death of Ian Hunter in Kootenay Lake and the departure of Reverand Damuzi from his senior editorship of the famous Cannabis Culture, the radio show became the sole hostship of Dustin.

Over the years the show slowly expanded to a full 2 hour radio show, which allowed more room for modern day speakers like Terence McKenna, who needs more than 10 minutes to explain his brilliant ideas regarding Entheogenic culture.

True radio must have an element of desperation to express oneself. With over 70 years of deep seated propaganda regarding drugs this show has sought to break open those myths, to expose them for what they are - mechanisms of control. 

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