Music Programs

Aisle 7

Saturday at 5 pm

Host: Stuart Hollet

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Alternative Hour

Monday at 5pm

Alternative Hour is where you can get your Metal and Rock n’ roll fix with a bit of humour.

Host: Sydney

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Auditory Almanac

Wednesday at 3 pm

Host: Hannah DeBoer-Smith

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Bach and Beyond

Tuesday at 10 am

A feast of classical music garnished with latin, jazz, and folk.

Hosts: John Galm, Doug Jamieson

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Beat Diet

Thursdays at 3 pm

Host: Marco Primo

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Before the World There was Music

Thursday at 10 am and Saturday at 8 am

Before the world, there was music, these sounds became ideas and now they fill the airwaves for your listening pleasure.

Host: Antoine

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Blue and Lonesome Too

Wednesdays at 10am

Bluegrass with Hannah and Ralph

Host: Hannah & Ralph Friesen

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Cals Prog Rock Show

Friday at 6 pm

The best in progressive rock music from the 70’s to today, including news and information from around the prog rock world.

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Classical Corner

Sunday at 2 pm and repeated Saturday at 6 am

1000 years of music with DJ Classico.

Host: Bob Olsen

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Diversity Beets

Saturday at 6 pm and Wednesday at 2 pm

Music in a variety of diverse genres plus live performances by local buskers.

Earshot 20

Thursday at 1 pm

Weekly top 20 from Canadian campus and community radio stations

Earth Vibes

Sunday at 8 pm and Friday at Noon

A tasty blend of world roots, fusion and reggae. Free yer heels, and yer mind will follow. 

Host: Neil Sorochan

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Flashback 70’s

Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm and Thursday at 6 am

A funk-folk-fusion explosion plus the best country-rock, progressive rock and more.

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Host: Brother Michael

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Free Range

alternating Thursdays at 8 pm and repeated Wednesday at 7 am

Because music should be free to roam anytime, anyplace.


Monday at 10pm and Friday at 7 am

The funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk.

Good Times Buffet

Sunday at 9 pm

Hosts: Cam Penner, Rolf Gosney, Ness Benamran, Mandy Lawson

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Heavy Early

Thursdays from 4pm - 6pm and Fridays at 11 pm

Punk, Metal, Stoner, Psych, Doom

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Hosts: Jay Hannley, Nelson From Nelson

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Hoot and Holler

Saturday at 10:00 am

The Hoot and Holler collective aims to bring you two hours of kinda sorta bluegrass music pretty much every week of the year. Members of the collective include Nicole Bob Jill Shari Stuart Professor X

Host: Nicole and Bob

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Irie Vibrations

Saturdays 7pm-8pm

Take a trip to the Island and enjoy an hour of reggae, dancehall, and other irie vibrations.

Hosts: Nathan Schilman, Victor Ulloa

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Johnny O’s Rock & Roll

Monday at 1 pm

Jive, bop and twist to 50’s rock. 

Lab de la Paix

Mondays 3-4pm

Fusion de mythologies, d’histoire, de poésie et de musique du monde. Un concert des cultures pour les sens.

Host: Vincent Deslauriers

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Licorice Allsorts

Wednesday at 6 pm and Tuesday at 6 am

We will satisfy you with lush, uplifting and danceable grooves. 

Hosts: Hope Bernhardt , Heather Dahlgrin

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Liner Notes

Tuesday at 1 pm and repeated Saturday at 2 pm

A stroll down memory lane with music from the 20’s to the 40’s.

Mad for Trad

Wednesday at 1 pm and Monday at 4 pm

Fiddles, banjos, accordions, balalaikas, tambourines and nose-flutes. Traditional and neo-traditional music from all over heck and back. 

Make Room for the Blues

Friday at 7 pm and Saturday at 12 pm

Your Friday night Blues Show. 

Host: Richard Metzner

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Monday at 10 am

An hour of undying older favouritesthat creep back even on today’s music scene.

Host: Elaine

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Mood Marination

Tuesday at 6 pm

Host: Bertie Berkeley

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Mountains and Valleys

Friday at 9 pm

Tune in for a roller coaster ride of music.

Music Nerds

Thursdays at 7 pm

Where Music Nerds discuss, debate, and educate on all topics and genres in music that they love

Host: Andrea

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My Poor Name a’ Ringin’

Wednesday at 4 pm

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