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Hosts: Richard Carver, Josh Wapp, Bessie Wapp

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Canadian Voices

Currently Off Air - Archived episodes are available at canadianvoices.org

Through a series of one-hour audio programmes, Canadian Voices presents radio, internet, and podcast listeners the opportunity to hear talks by Canadian authors, academics, activists, artists, and thought-provoking citizens who explore ideas and events that characterize our country. Topics range from cultural diversity, climate change, urban planning and media analysis, to politics, art, education, and literature. The Canadian Voices series is distinct from much public and current affairs radio programming in that each of the featured speakers is a Canadian, the series is produced in Canada, by Canadians, and focuses on topics that are of interest to Canadians.

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Check This Out

The 4th Monday of each month at 8:30am

A show about all things Library: readers’ advisories, secrets revealed, bibliophiliac discussion from analog to digital, and the ever-evolving landscape of reading and knowledge.

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Host: Anne DeGrace

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Chinese Feed

After 27 chapters of Chinese Feed’s previous cycle about my life in China, I learned that all along I had been broadcasting from the former Laundry of Infinite Achievements – generally referred to as a Chinese laundry. Rather late, also politically dubious but - as I have found since - not surprising, what with Nelson’s official silence about local Chinese, the lack of an officially recorded local history and this non-history not taught in Nelson’s schools. So – Heritage City what. This new closer-to-home cycle of Chinese Feed is my acknowledgment of those Chinese who - against tremendous odds - contributed greatly to putting British Columbia and Nelson on the map! You didn’t know?

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Climate Change: Smell the Coffee

Mondays May 4, 11, 18 and 25 at 8 am and 5 pm

Join host Tanya Coad for this 4-part series loosely inspired by Naomi Klein’s bestselling book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism VS the Environment.

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Host: Tanya Coad

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Climate of Change

Alternating Tuesdays at 8 am and Thursday at 1 pm

Hosts: Tanya Coad, Anni Holtby, Laura Sacks

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Deconstructing Dinner

Off Air

www.deconstructingdinner.ca Deconstructing Dinner has been designed to dispense and discuss current food issues. The program assists listeners in making more educated choices when purchasing food either for the kitchen or at restaurants. The syndicated program airs predominantly on radio stations across Canada and also appears on stations around the world. With food occupying such a significant element of our lives, understanding the implications of our food choices can create a real sense of empowerment and self-determination. The media plays a key role in keeping Canadians informed, and the recurring topics we see being covered on a daily basis are increasingly hiding these implications from the public eye. As a result, we are rapidly losing sight of the most important facet of our existence - feeding ourselves. In effect, many of the common themes throughout the media can often be traced back to our need for food, and especially to the lack of attention we pay to this need. We have come a long way in a short amount of time from the age when our days were filled hunting and gathering our sustenance. Conveniences now abound, it has become increasingly possible to put food in our body without barely raising a finger or an eyebrow. This lifestyle of convenience leaves very little time to reflect on the history behind the food we purchase and the impact these purchases have on ourselves, communities, and the well-being of this planet. There are countless numbers of individuals, groups, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and branches of government that are pushing towards creating more sustainable food systems. Yet to this date, the media has played a minor role in tying these people together and broadcasting this important information to the people that matter most - you! Deconstructing Dinner reports on current issues throughout the world of food, with a primary focus on local, regional and provincial issues. The show is not restricted to only current affairs, but probes into the processes and actions to which we have all become so accustomed throughout our daily routine, and “deconstructs” them to achieve a more discriminating awareness.

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Exploring The Iron Muse

Exploring The Iron Muse originally aired on CJLY's labour and social justice show The Rank And File Voice.

The year was 1963.  In Quebec, the FLQ set off a bomb and killed a guy.  In the United States, the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, Iron Man debuted in the pages of Marvel Comics, and JFK was assassinated.  The UK was in the grips of the Profumo Affair, the Beatles released their first two albums, and a small London label called Topic Records released an LP which would prove to be one of their most successful.  The album was called “The Iron Muse—A Panorama Of Industrial Folk Song”. and a panorama it was—six different singers singing songs about life in and around the mines, mills, and factories of northern Britain.  There were songs of young love and fatal disaster; songs of bitter hardship and nostalgic elegy; songs which told of determined struggle and songs which told ribald jokes.  The newest song was three years old and oldest song predated the industrial revolution.  And there were instrumentals as well, dance tunes beloved by coal hewers and jute spinners alike.  For many folk music aficionados, The Iron Muse came as a revelation, for it showed them that folk song wasn’t restricted to medieval ballads about lovelorn princes and enchanted maidens.  Folk songs were still being made by real men and women about the real concerns of their ordinary and sometimes extraordinary daily lives. Exploring The Iron Muse was created by Bob “the Postman” Stubbs, a retired communications system interface technician.  To check out his songs click here.

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Host: Bob the Postman

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FANE OF THE COSMOS *CSIS WARNING-Do NOT listen to this show-it harms our ability to control you

Sundays 10pm to Midnight

Fane of the Cosmos explores the political, social, economic, spiritual and military (if you can believe it) aspects of Cognitive Liberty and the War on Drugs. From Taoist sexual practices to Bill Hicks, Mushroom Tea to Tolkien, this show seeks to blend serious issues with just enough humour to aid in digestion. With its origins in Nelson this radio show seeks to protect and nourish the rich cannabis culture that lives in this area. Fane of the Cosmos was started by Reverand Damuzi as The Church of the Universe Hour back in the heady days of Kootenay Co-operative Radio. With added co-hosts Ian Hunter who had a long run on Vancouver Community Radio and Dustin Cantwell - Co-Owner of Holy Smoke Culture Shop, the radio show expanded many of its themes and radio audience. Following the tragic drowning death of Ian Hunter in Kootenay Lake and the departure of Reverand Damuzi from his senior editorship of the famous Cannabis Culture, the radio show became the sole hostship of Dustin. Over the years the show slowly expanded to a full 2 hour radio show, which allowed more room for modern day speakers like Terence McKenna, who needs more than 10 minutes to explain his brilliant ideas regarding Entheogenic culture. True radio must have an element of desperation to express oneself. With over 70 years of deep seated propaganda regarding drugs this show has sought to break open those myths, to expose them for what they are - mechanisms of control. 

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Footloose Armchair


Tales of travel to unusual and ordinary destinations; both distant and close to home.

Host: David Everest

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Hedge School of the Air

Host: Judy and David

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It’s a Wonderful Life

“It’s a Wonderful Life” was performed before a studio audience on November 25th, 2011 at the Bosun Hall in New Denver (as a benefit for the Bosun Hall renovations) and, again, on November 27 at the Vallican WholeCommunity Centre (as a benefit by the Grassroots Grandmas for the Steven Lewis Foundation). The play was adapted for radio by Phillip Grecian from Frank Capra’s classic movie of the same name. This performance was directed by Judith Ceroli and produced by Susie O’Donnell. Musical acompanyment was by Aiko Jackson. Voices of the characters were: Barry Barker, Ruby Truly, Mathew Fry, Shelly Thring, Al Arnett, Hank Hastings, Judy Wapp, and Jeff Pilsner. Sound Effects were by Susie O’Donnell and David Everest. Technical Assistant was Rob Plasket and the recording engineer was David Burgess. It was edited for broadcast by David Everest.

Kootenay Morning

Wednesday and Friday at 8 am and 5 pm

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Hosts: Anthony Sanna, Stephanie Myers, Neil Sorochan, Terry Brennan

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Land Before Crime

Wednesday at 10 pm

Love, Sex and Everything Between

Sunday at 3 pm and repeated Wednesday at Midnight

An exploration of the dance of intimacy-- emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Host: Lidia Greyheart

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Meli Melo

Friday at 10 am and Sunday at 10 am

Méli-Mélo the French Show! Hosts: Prudence, Lyne, et Alex Airs: les vendredis à 10 h en reprise les dimanches à 10h De la musique francophone à faire danser et chanter? Certainement! Des nouveautés ainsi que des mélodies rétros? Constamment! Un petit quelque chose pour vous faire sourire? Toujours! Bonne écoute! Demandes spéciales? 250-352-3516

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Hosts: Alex, Prudence, Lyne

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Mir Centre Lectures

Kootenay Co-op Radio is pleased announce an informal partnership with Selkirk College’s Mir Centre for Peace, in which KCR offers an online archive of audio recordings of the Mir Lecture Series. Please visit the Mir Centre Website, for details on the series.

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Old Growth - A Radio Series about Life after 65

Produced by Bill Metcalfe for Kootenay Co-Op Radio in Nelson B.C. in October, 2011, funded by a New Horizons For Seniors grant.

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Host: Bill Metcalfe

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Old Time Radio

Off Air

Comedy and Drama from the Golden Age of Radio.  Jump to http://members.shaw.ca/OTRbyBarry for more info.

Radio Camp

KCR’s Summer Youth Radio Camp

Radio Free Kaslo

Friday at 11 am and repeated Tuesday at 1:30 pm

Coming at you from the true north, strong and free.  Radio for dreamers. To hear podcast episodes of Radio Free Kaslo, please visit Randy’s website, the Nirvana Chronicles.

Host: Randy Morse

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Rendez-vous de la Francophonie

The annual celebration of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie has finally begun!  Continuing until March 22, Canadians from sea to sea are being brought together to celebrate our country’s French heritage and culture, and to recognize the contributions of Francophone and Acadian communities in a shared joie de vivre.


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Sex, Drugs, How we Roll

Monday at 7 pm

ANKORS education on air.  Connecting you with sexual health and harm reduction.

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Host: H Kori Doty

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Shared Edges

alternating Fridays at 11:30 am

News and documentaries from campus and community radio stations across Canada.

Host: Catherine Fisher

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Shift Happens

Tuesday at 2 pm and Sunday at 3 pm

A special interest / current events program that focuses on the positive shifts that are happening and those that need to happen locally, nationally and globally. For show podcasts go to shifthappens.media

Hosts: Jeff Pilsner, Ana Bokstrom

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Sinixt Radio

alternating Fridays at 11:30 am


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Hosts: Catherine Fisher, Taress Alexis, Catherine Fisher

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Stand and Deliver

Mondays @ 6pm

Stand and Deliver, a journey into the human spirit. A weekly radio show on Kootenay Co-op Radio. Mondays, 6pm. http://www.facebook.com/StandandDeliverRadio

Host: Mike and Anthony

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Sticking It To The Man

This series aired on the Rank And File Voice between 2007 and 2011.

STICKING IT TO THE MAN Oppression.  Rebellion.  Repression.  Reform.  And back to oppression again.  This is the tragic sequence played out year after year in the struggle between the strong few and the weak many.  This is the treadmill which drives the great machine of social progress.  Famous insurrections.  Infamous atrocities.  Lost causes.  Working-class heroes.  Sticking It To The Man tells the stories and shares the songs. These pieces were created by Bob the Postman for The Rank And File Voice, a labour-issues talk show on CJLY.  For more from Bob, click here.

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Tale Spinners

Friday at 1 pm

Tales from all around the world with Mary Mortimer & Wendy Nelson

Hosts: Wendy Nelson, Mary Mortimer

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Terra Informa

Fridays at 11:30 am

Environmental news from across Canada and around the world

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