What is Sponsorship & Promotions at KCR?

Sponsorship is the way for your business or organization to support community non-profit radio and to get your message out to your target market and our community. Sponsorship serves as an advertising medium that promotes good will and healthy community relationships, while bringing positive attention to your business or organization.

Our signal reaches upwards of 4,200 homes/10,000 people in the City of Nelson, 5,000 people in the surrounding area & 6,000 people from repeaters near Crawford Bay, Crescent Valley and in New Denver. You will have a web presence on our frequently visited website. Loyal listeners frequent the businesses and organizations that support CJLY Kootenay Cooperative Radio.

Social Media

We have a Facebook page with over 2000 fans, we use this to promote the stations events as well as special deals/offers that our sponsors might have.

What types of sponsorships are available?

Station Sponsorship
A simple statement showing your support of the station. The mention sounds something like “(your name here) is a supporter of Kootenay Co-op Radio.” These spots are scheduled to rotate throughout the day.

This is a great way to support Coop Radio, even if your business doesn't not normally need, or want to advertise.

Show Sponsorship

Sponsor a specific show, something that aligns with you and your business. We produce a 30sec spot that is played a minimum of 8 times during the month. You receive a mention 2 times per hour along the lines of “We would like to thank (your name) for sponsoring this show.” The mention is read live by the programmer.


At the start of each new season we always have numerous new shows to choose from.

*Production of the spots is all done in-house, script writing, music beds, sound bites, & voices are provided.

What types of promotions are available?

If you or your organization has a special event and want to bring special attention to it, we have some great rates on "event campaigns" that last one, two or three weeks with different saturation (times/day) levels.


Click here for Sponsorship/Promotions Rate Card pdf


Why Community Radio?

We work to provide access to the airwaves for people with an interest in community and who have a belief in the importance of independent media.

The Cooperative thrives on the committed and inspired efforts of over 150 active volunteers and 1500 members. CJLY, Kootenay Co-op Radio is a non-profit community service cooperative owned by its membership. A Board of Directors is elected by the members annually to govern the co-op and oversee the work of the station staff and committees.

Kootenay Coop Radio is funded mainly through sponsorships by community minded companies and organizations like you.


If you would like more info, contact Stephanie Myers

office: 250-352-9600

cell: 250-505-7410


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