Programmer Resources

The resources below are to inspire and support KCR programmers to deepen your skills and radio-freedom.  Enjoy!


KCR also has a physical resource library at the Station, so come in and check it out!

Click here for a pdf version of "KCR's Guide to Audio Storytelling"

and here for a pdf of "KCR's Guide to Podcasting".

Paper copies of both of these manuals are also available at the Station.


Studio A Training Video


Another resource we offer programmers is the use of portable audio recorders for collecting audio in the community.  You can book a recorder in Nelson, Kaslo or New Denver by emailing

recorder (at), or calling the station (250.352.9600).

Great LINKS: – this is the National Campus and Community Radio Association, which unites and works on projects across Community Radio in Canada. Check out the program exchange to hear other community radio productions They have information about Indigenous voices on the air, disAbility access, homelessness, CRTC compliance, research on C/C radio, and lots more.


Radio Diaries - this is a great "how-to" describing tips, tools and techniques for producing documentary radio.  Explore the site and listen to some of the amazing radio diaries they've produced! – is a clearinghouse of great info, articles and audio about radio production (definitely geared towards US public radio, but there's LOTS here to check out). – an audio festival that brings together some of the best producers of public radio in North America. They have a huge archive of audio including lots of “how to” pieces. – the Association of Independents in Radio – resources for folks interested in working in radio, including some good “how tos”.



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