Spoken Word Department

Spoken word radio is a diverse genre including news, commentary, instructional shows, special interest groups and lots more.  The only limits are your imagination!  Here's a link to KCR's Spoken Word shows, current and past. 

And we're excited to welcome and support more spoken word at KCR with training and resources! If you want to apply to host a spoken word show on KCR, fill out a  program proposal.


What's going on in KCR's Spoken Word Department:

We are always open to training new programmers and community members to create spoken-word content for the station.  To request a training, please get in touch!

If you want more info about any of this stuff, email spokenword [at] kootenaycoopradio [dot] com or call Marya at 352.9600!

 Third Language Programming

KCR is interested in developing cultural diversity in our programming, and are hoping to welcome hosts who speak languages other than English and French. If you or someone you know would be interested in creating cultural programming in a third language, please get in touch.  We can offer you plenty of support and training to get started!

Kootenay Morning

Kootenay Morning is KCR's regional current events show, airing Monday, Wendesday and Friday mornings at 8AM, and repeating at 5 in the evening those days.  Kootenay Morning would like to offer community members the opportunity to contribute to the show by producing 8-10 minute news segments.  For more information, click here, and contact km [at] kootenaycoopradio [dot] com.

Today's Special

A show about KCR, radio production, and the community! Listen as we explore the ins and outs of this medium, talk to radio nerds, and hear stories produced by folks around the region.  Learn some of the tricks of the trade!

Tuesdays at 2pm on KCR.

If you want to co-host an hour or produce a piece for Today's Special get in touch!

Special Broadcasts - Producing a Feature or Series for KCR

Kootenay Co-op Radio will make space in our schedule to include special features and series created by members in the community. A very short and timely feature can be a part of Kootenay Morning. Longer features and series can get their own temporary timeslot. Email spokenword [at] kootenaycoopradio [dot] com to propose a feature.  This application is intended to be a helpful initial exercise for you in planning your program, and also to give us a sense of your ideas. Be as detailed and creative as you can!


Opportunities for Community Organizations

As community-powered radio, we want to create more opportunities for community members and organizations to be a part of the chorus of voices that make up KCR. We are looking to find ways to include groups like yours in the programming we create here.  We're offering a series of free trainings this spring to interested people and groups, where we'll be sharing some of the skills it takes to make talk radio at KCR. We will also have space in the spring schedule for interested people and organizations to try their hands at making an hour of pre-recorded or live radio on Today's Special.

Maybe your organization wants to tell a story of your work in the community, or to empower some volunteers or service recipients with a new set of useable skills? We want to work with you to find ways to amplify your message and share your perspectives.

Some Possibilities for Community Organizations:

  • work with us through the spoken word training program to create an hour of pre-recorded or live radio on Today's Special

  • produce a piece for Kootenay Morning about an upcoming initiative or event -  email km [at] kootenaycoopradio dot com

  • incorporate radio skills training/production into the services you provide or volunteer opportunities you offer

  • work towards getting a show on KCR (30 minutes or 60 minutes, once a week for a six month season) produced by your volunteers, board members, or staff. There are organizations in the Kootenays who do this, like the EcoSociety and AFKO – we can help you find a way that's right for you!

  • partner with a few like-minded organizations to share a timeslot (so you do a show every 2 weeks, or once a month, for example)


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