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To Listen to KCR's Live Internet Stream, try:

Plan A: Hit the "play" button on the player at the top of this page.

Plan B: If you don't see a play button there, maybe your web browser is too old for this. But it might be able to open one of these:

Plan C: If your browser won't help you at all, try opening your media player program (Windows Media Player, VLC, WinAmp, iTunes, etc.). Most of them have a feature called "play URL" or "open location" or something similar that will prompt you to type a web address. Try "http://stream.cjly.net" there.

If you use a free OS like linux or bsd and prefer the command line, install mpg123 (debian/ubuntu: "apt-get install mpg123") and then:

mpg123 http://stream.cjly.net