Signal Expansion

In February 2001, Kootenay Co-op Radio launched a campaign to expand our signal up Kootenay Lake and to the Slocan Valley.

To date we have purchased a new transmitter amplifier for our Nelson site, an STL link to get the signal to Crawford Bay, and a transmitter and antennae which have been installed at Crawford Bay.This installation is providing coverage to the East Shore of Kootenay Lake, the North Lake area, and areas back toward Nelson.

It is hoped that we will begin broadcasting to the lower Slocan Valley and the area around the Slocan Valley Junction in the summer of 2006.

So far we have raised $13,000 for signal expansion from benefit events, signal expansion memberships, donations from service groups and individuals, and Regional District contributions.

What's Going On?
In spring 2002 we raised enough money for a new amplifier to boost our signal from 20 watts to our full license power of 70 watts. This equipment was purchased and installed in summer 2002. As a result, many listeners in the Nelson area now enjoy clearer reception, and the signal is stronger, louder and travels farther than in the past. Installation of this new amplifier now allows us to reach designated translator locations at Crescent Valley and Pilot Point from which we will re-broadcast the signal in the targeted expansion areas.

In fall 2002 we formed a relationship with the Kootenay Lake TV Society, which had become inactive. Their assets include 3 radio towers, and some money for tower maintenance. Of the 3 towers one is at Pilot Point, a prime location and height to install a translator to re-broadcast our signal to Harrop-Proctor, Kaslo, and the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. KCR volunteers have worked out an agreement with society members to use this tower at no charge, and to receive support in covering costs of tower maintenance.

We have also entered into negotiations with the Slocan Valley TV Society for permission to use 2 of their towers. We will need to use one tower in Crescent Valley to cover the lower Slocan Valley, and another closer to Winlaw to cover the Upper Slocan Valley.

If you'd like to help organize benefit events, make a contribution, or help generate enthusiasm for the expansion project, call our office at 352-9600 for more information.

Regional District of Central Kootenay Grants:
$50 Larry Greenlaw, Director Area D (North Lake)
$1,000 Al Dawson, Director Area F (North Shore)
$1,000 Don Munro, Director Area H (Slocan Valley)
$450 John Voykin, Director Area I (Glade, Thrums)
$650 Josh Smienk, Director Area E (Balfour, Blewett)


District Area Director email, phone, fax
Area A
East Shore
Area D
Ainsworth, Kaslo, Meadow Creek
Larry Greenlaw
Highway 31
Meadow Creek, BC V0G 1N0
phone 366-4216
fax 366-4311
Area E
Balfour, Blewett, Queen's Bay
Josh Smienk
6225 Hwy 3A
Nelson, BC V1L 6S8
phone 229-5690
fax 229-5691
Area F
Bonnington, North Nelson, Crescent Bay
Al Dawson
Box 82
Nelson, BC V1L 5P7
phone 825-9950
fax 825-9438
Area H
Slocan Valley, South Slocan, Krestova
Don Munro
G-16, C-22, RR #1
Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0
phone 226-7090
fax 226-7076
Area I
Glade, Thrums
John N. Voykin
2075 Pass Creek Road
Castlegar, BC V1N 4T1
phone 365-6904
fax 365-6904
(call before sending)

More Ways to Help ........

Volunteer your ideas and energy
To join the organizing committee or to offer us your ideas or an hour of your time, contact us at:

Hold a benefit event
Does your community hall, service club, or arts group have money to donate or the energy to hold a fundraiser? We need the support of rural community groups to make this campaign a success. Call 352-9600 if you have any ideas.

Designate a donation to signal expansion, or get a Signal Expansion Membership
Pay on the
web, or mail your cheque payable to Kootenay Co-op Radio:
Box 767 Nelson BC V1L 5R4,
or drop off a donation at our studio:
#203-625 Front Street during office hours:
Noon to 4pm, Monday to Friday