Studio B Online Booking Calendar
Active Volunteers and Members who have been trained in the use of Studio B may use this calendar to book time in Studio B. If you would like to have access to this calendar, please email the office - kcr at kootenaycoopradio dot com, and you will receive a return email confirming your access to this calendar. Please limit your booking to a 3 hour maximum.
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Radio Hosts and Techs Wanted for the Spring 2008 Season
At the beginning of each season, KCR accepts applications from people interested in hosting and teching radio programmes.    No previous radio experience is necessary. You will receive all the necessary training to put together a quality radio programme.

If you have an idea for a radio show please drop us a line by Friday, February 29 for consideration for the Spring 2008 broadcast season.

Get in touch by giving us a call at 352-9600, drop by the station at 308a Hall Street, or send an email to
kcr at kootenaycoopradio dot com

Potential Programmers will be required to attend an orientation session, submit an online program proposal and produce a short demo tape.

Spring 2008 Timeline
Express Interest in having a programme by Friday, February 29
Current Programmers confirm their Shows by Friday March 14
New Volunteer Orientation: Tues Jan 15, Feb 19 and March 4 all at 7pm
Show Proposals and Demo Tapes submitted by Friday March 14, 4 pm
Programme Selection complete by Monday March 24
Performance, Tech Training, Scheduling and Orientation begins the week of March 31
Broadcast season begins Monday April 28, 2008

Programme Proposal Forms
Spoken Word Program Proposal Form here.   Music Program Proposal Form here

Both of these forms are available as pdf files. These pdf's are to be used to print only, please do not submit them.
Music Program Proposal PDF can be found here.    Spoken Word Program Proposal PDF can be found here

Demo Tapes are to be recorded at KCR.   The contents of the Demo Tapes should follow a standard format.
Spoken Word Demo Tape Specs - here.   Music Program Demo Tape Specs - here

Past Programmers:
You will need to make a demo tape, even if you've made one in the past.

KCR Training Opportunities

New Programmer and Tech Training

Programmers and Techs who are selected for the next broadcast season, will receive training the following training:.

1). General Orientation - 1 hr
2). Demo Tape Training - 1 hr
3). Technical - How to run the Broadcast Studio - 3 hrs
4). Performance - Microphones and your voice - 2 hrs
5). Editorial - Construct and maintain a quality programme - 2 hrs
6). Programmer Orientation - 2 hrs.


Production Studio

Training priority will be given to people who want to use the production studio to edit interviews, create sound collages or pre-record a show because they have not been able to find a replacement for a show they will miss. These training sessions are a one-to-one session offered by an experienced KCR Tech.

Weekly on Wednesdays from 2 pm to 4 pm. Register at KCR, call 352-9600 or email kcr at kootenaycoopradio dot com


Field Recording

This workshop will give you the tools to make excellent field recordings.
These sessions are scheduled as needed. Register at KCR, call 352-9600 or email kcr at kootenaycoopradio dot com


If you would like more information on any of these opportunities, please call the station at 352-9600, drop by at 308a Hall Street, or send an email to kcr at kootenaycoopradio dot com.