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Writing. Rewriting. The editor. The agent. The publisher. The road tour. Aftermath revelations.

Rhea Tregebov: " To hear the voices of these mostly long-dead authors rising out of the dust - that was thrilling."
Rhea Tregebov

Rhea Tregebov's latest project is an anthology of translations from the Yiddish, Arguing with the Storm: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers, published by Sumach Press. She reads poems from her most recent book of selected and new poems, alive. She teaches in the UBC Creative Writing Program.

Topics: tandem translating (working with the original translator); literate vs. literal translation; freelancing as a writer; how she approached writing her first novel, The Knife Sharpener's Bell, coming from Coteau Books in 2009. Discussion of pivotal scenes, connective tissue in a novel, compressing narration, the definition of substantive editing, the role of the editor; Michael Harris, retired poetry editor at Signal Editions.

The music is "Father's Nigun" by the Winnipeg group Finjan from their CD Dancing on Water and "Gracias a la Vida," Mercedes Sosa, from the album of the same name.

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