A public engagement process will determine the future of 20 acres of lakeside frontage purchased by the Village of Slocan.

Mayor Jessica Lunn spoke to KCR on Sep 2. to fill listeners in on the recent $1.5 million bid that is currently pending approval from the Province.

“Council’s focus is to secure the site so that we can start to have a conversation with the community [about the space],” Lunn told KCR.

The Mayor intends to raise taxes by five per cent to accommodate the purchase and says local constituents have reacted positively to the news.

What happens with the 20 acres of lakeside frontage could redefine the Village of Slocan and transform the tiny town on Slocan Lake. Slocan’s economy had until 2013 been supported by natural resource extraction and industry.

The initial asking price was $2.4 million and the pending approval from the Province on the $1.5 million sale will be rendered by September 15.

“We’re feeling very optimistic that we’ll be able to get everything in place,” said Lunn.

The Village borrowed $840,000 to make the purchase.

You can hear the full interview here with Mayor Lunn here: