Kootenay Co-op Radio


What We Do

Kootenay Co-op Radio CJLY is a labour of love that reflects the unique spirit of the Kootenays. Member-owned and operated, KCR has been serving communities throughout the West Kootenay since 1999.

Each week, over 100 volunteers work with a small team of part-time staff to make KCR happen. They produce and host shows, serve on committees, take care of the building, maintain gear, and raise funds. The result is over 80 hours of original programming each week, events such as the Kootenay Music Awards, Polar Bear Swim, and more.


When you tune in to KCR, you’ll hear nearly 50 original music shows playing everything from rock and classical, to pop, world, bluegrass, hiphop, country, jazz, and electronic. We don’t use algorithms to pick the music we play. Our programmers play what they love. We also support many of the incredible artists working in our area. If you like an eclectic music diet, it doesn’t get any more eclectic than KCR.

Current Affairs & Culture

Our current affairs and culture programming helps you stay informed of what’s happening in our community and beyond. Thoughtful and compelling, our hosts cover everything from current affairs and science, to books, sex, pop culture, and the environment from a Kootenay perspective.

Creative Commons

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed for personal use under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. For rebroadcast and redistribution, content is licensed under Attribution, Non-Commercial and No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Mission Statement

Kootenay Co-op Radio aims to entertain and inform listeners through its commitment to innovative broadcast journalism and high-quality programming. Kootenay Co-op Radio uses its facilities and the initiative and skills of its members to create a medium for the balanced expression of the varied perspectives of our community.

Kootenay Co-op Radio commits to giving voice to under-represented volunteers, activists, artists, and stories; including individuals from BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, gender-diverse, and disabilities communities.

  SEE ALSO: Memorandum of Association Rules of the Cooperative  CRTC Amendment