1. The name of the Association is Kootenay Cooperative Radio.
    2. The Association is a Community Service Cooperative, and its purposes are to provide social, educational, and other community services. Kootenay Cooperative Radio uses its facilities and the initiative and skills of its membership to create a medium for the balanced expression of the varied perspectives of our community. Kootenay Cooperative Radio  aims to entertain and inform listeners through its commitment to innovative broadcast journalism and high quality programming.Kootenay Cooperative Radio strives to establish a listener-sponsored, volunteer-run and member-controlled radio station to serve Nelson and its surrounding communities. Members will provide quality programming and services to a broad spectrum of Kootenay residents through:
    • Acquisition, maintenance, and operation of radio broadcasting and sound recording facilities.
    • Promotion of communication, education, entertainment, and awareness by providing a forum for the discussion of local and international issues, the expansion of musical and cultural experience, cultural research, and ideas dissemination.
    • Providing access to the airwaves for the community at large including groups and individuals who are under-represented by mainstream media.
    • Providing opportunities for members and others to develop their skills in various aspects of radio production and broadcasting.
    • Providing a public venue for Kootenay and Canadian artists, musicians, poets, writers, and other creative talent.
    • Educating members and the public in the decision-making processes of the cooperative, which shall be conducted in a democratic, member-directed, consensual way which will encourage diversity.
      Performing all activities in an independent manner, with membership fees, business and private sponsorships, and fund-raising to finance operational costs.
    • Partnerships with local cooperatives and businesses, and other media cooperatives throughout the country.
  1. The registered office of the Association is situated at:
    308A Hall St.,  Nelson, B.C.  V1L 5R4
  2. The Association is permitted to issue an unlimited number of membership shares with a par value of two dollars ($2.00) each.
  3. The liability of the members is limited in accordance with the Cooperative Association Act.
  4. This Association is a Community Service Cooperative.
  5. Section 178.1(4) of the Cooperative Association Act applies to this Association.