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Board of Directors

Since the early days of Kootenay Co-op Radio, our board of directors have helped to steer the organization towards a sustainable future by establishing strategic direction, adopting sound policies, and making sure the station has adequate resources to advance its mission.

We’re always on the lookout for new board members, so if you are current member of KCR, and believe you can bring something to the organization, please consider serving.

Current Board

Kim Bater, Jaymes Bowman, Darren Davidson, Shannon Lynch, Michelle Oakley, Marco Pringle, Jake Sherman


Kim Bater, Darren Davidson, Laurel Giasson, Michelle Oakley, Marco Pringle, Jake Sherman, Emily Whitehead


Kim Bater, Darren Davidson, Jeff Flood, Clay McCann, Michelle Oakley, Marco Pringle


Rachel MacKenzie, John Paolozzi, Jeff Flood, Ray Telford III, Marco Pringle, Ana Bokstrom


Rachel MacKenzie, John Paolozzi, Hannah DeBoer-Smith, Jeff Flood, Ray Telford III, Marco Pringle

2016 – 2017

Catherine Fisher, Darren Thomason, Rachel MacKenzie, John Paolozzi, Hannah DeBoer-Smith, Brian Shields, Deb Burnett

2015 – 2016

Catherine Fisher, Ness Banamran, Darren Thomason, Nic Cornell, Michelle Sylvest, Anthony Sanna and Julie Johnson-Murray,

2014 – 2015
Catherine Fisher, Cam Penner, Bobbi Barbarich, Ness Banamran, Tanya Coad

2013 – 2014
Catherine Fisher, Cam Penner, Bobbi Barbarich, Bonnie Baker, Vanessa Lafebre, Stewart Minns, Michael Murray

2012 – 2013
Bonnie Baker, Vanessa Lafebre,

2011 – 2012
Bonnie Baker, Stewart Minns, Michael Murray, Catherine Fisher, Neil Sorochan, Bill Levey, Darryl Fraser, Marya Folinsbee, Tim Held, Mandy Lawson, Nuzla Ismiri, Steve Kobs

2010 – 2011
Neal Kretchmar, Kimberley Scott, Michael Murray, Susan Kurtz, David Beringer, Bill Levey, Bonnie Baker, Steve Kobbs, Neil Sorochan

2009 – 2010
David Beringer, Bill Levey, Devorah Maclean, Bonnie Baker, Michael Murray, Susan Kurtz, Catherine Fisher, Kimberley Scott, John Humphrey, Nancy Likness, Bob Olsen, Lise Godin

2008 – 2009
Teresa Hodsall, Ceilidh Sutherland, Alon Gelcer, Heather Dahlgrin, Gord Andrews, Hal Mitchell, Bob Olsen, Lise Godin, Dustin Cantwell, Jennie Baron, Nancy Likness

2007 – 2008
Teresa Hodsall, Ceilidh Sutherland, Alon Gelcer, Heather Dahlgrin, Gord Andrews,  Bob Olsen, Fred Rosenberg, Andrew Creighton, Della McLeod, Judy Wapp, Scott Gain

2006 – 2007
Victoria Marguin,  Bob Olsen, Fred Rosenberg, Andrew Creighton, Della McLeod, Zac McCormick, Kirsten Larsen

2005 – 2006
Hannah Friesen, Charles Jeanes, Hal Mitchell, Lise Godin, Neil Sorochan, Ricjhard Metzner, Teresa Hodsall

2004 – 2005
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2003 – 2004
Sara Gillespie, Catherine Fisher, Pablo Pastor, Chris McMillan, Sally Smith, Brigitte Hus, Tim Barber, Nancy Selwood, Martin Stegman, Jarmila Hradil, Julian Hall, Candace Batycki

2002 – 2003
Charles Jeanes, Brenda Olynyk, Mary McAlister, Sara Gillespie, Jim Terral, Catherine Fisher, Pablo Pastor, Chris McMillan, Deborah Lawton,Richard Bennett

2001 – 2002
Charles Jeanes, Brenda Olynyk, Mary McAlister, Sue Dyment, Paul Novitski, Freya Zaltz, Olindo Chiocca, Chris McMillan

2000 – 2001
Leila Durzi, Ron Chittim, Rob Krausz, Charles Jeanes, Brenda Olynyk, Paul Novitski, John Barlow, Zoe Creighton, Freya Zaltz, Olindo Chiocca

1999 – 2000
Sharon Butler, Fiona Brown, Jocelyn Carver, Anne DeGrace, Mike and Teresa Hodsall, Guy Lapointe, Scott Maxwell

Kootenay Co-op Radio was incorporated in June 1998.
The founding members were Zoe Creighton, Sharon Butler, Guy Lapointe, Wade Porter, Jocelyn Carver, David MacKinnon, and Anne DeGrace.


KCR’s staff is small but MIGHTY. Our team of three part-time staff wear many hats. They handle our finances, work with our sponsors, interview the community, and keep our programming flowing and our gear running. Hats off to their colossal efforts to keep our volunteer-driven and listener-supported radio on the air.

Ed Zych, Operations and Programming Manager

Since his first job in community radio at the age of 17, Ed has worked in all aspects of media and broadcasting including as a music producer, studio engineer, live sound technician, composer for television and advertising, and as a live broadcast mixer for NHL, NBA, and MLB games along with municipal and federal election debates, and the Olympics. He is now excited to have come full circle and be working in his first love of community radio again. kcrprogrammingmanager(at)gmail(dot)com

Paula Shandro, Administrative Manager

Paula recently moved to Nelson from New Denver where she served in various roles with a number of nonprofits. We know her experience working with organizations similar to our own, her grant-writing abilities, and organizational acumen, will serve us well. admin(at)kootenaycoopradio(dot)com

Amélie Sauquet, Sponsorship Coordinator

Amélie Sauquet has been the host of KCR’s Méli-Mélo (musique francophone) since 2017. Since 2020, she has been hosting Kootenay Arts and Cultural Connection with Shannon Lynch. She brings a passion for community radio and a background in sales and business development to her role.

Please go out of your way to patronize our sponsors and when you do — tell them you appreciate their support of Kootenay Co-op Radio.



With just a tiny part-time staff, Kootenay Co-op Radio runs on the efforts of its volunteers. We are incredibly grateful for the work they do! A great way to contribute to KCR is by joining one of the committees. If you have a specific skill set or a passion, and you think you can help, we’d love to talk.

KCR has the following committees: Policy & Governance, Personnel, Finance, Programming, Sponsorship & Outreach, Technical, Fundraising, and Building.

Want to get involved? Volunteer with KCR!