Browse through old episodes and radio shows that are still treasured. We don’t blame you for wanting to listen back so we’re here to supply you with your old favourites all brought to you by the local Nelson Community Members.



The vibe of _unidentified allows freedom of diversity and free flowing musical selections, conversations and alternative lifestyle of the Kootenay community. Monday @ 7 PM


From the grittiest gitano bar in Andalucía, the elegant milongas of Buenos Aires and the pulsing dance clubs of Spanish Harlem… ¡Oye! brings you an hour of Latin heat. You’ll hear samba, bachata, flamenco, salsa, fado, tango, cumbia – y mucho más.…


35% Awesome is a weekly radio show featuring artists found at !earshot-Distro or on the official campus and community charts for Canada, !earshot-Online. Friday @ 5 pm & Monday at 7 PM with Rob

Aisle 7

Was a show featuring new wave, modern rock, novelty songs, and a bit of comedy.   

All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

The tunes you remember blasting in your teenage bedroom, or else in that first car you owned. Friday @ 1 pm with Jake

Alternative Hour

Your weekly metal and rock fix with a dash of humour.

Auditory Almanac

Was a show hosted by Hannah DeBoer-Smith, and designed as a musical road trip around the country to find out what this vast land has to offer. 

Aural Improbabilities

A lively and provocative trip all over the musical map, but who cares about the destination when the journey is this much fun? Saturdays @ 5pm with host Kimberley Belton.

Authenticity Inc

Stories, strategies and songs to de-construct what it means to be yourself when you are bombarded by messages telling you how to fit in. Mondays @ 6pm. 

Beats, Rhymes and Life

Beautiful combination of years and genres of music… all cohesively put together for a very immersive and interesting listening experience. Tuesday @ 4 pm with Niya

Big Shiny Turns

Explore a corner of Canada’s rock history through the best-selling album compilation series of all-time Big Shiny Tunes.

Blue and Lonesome Too

Bluegrass to help ease you through hump day. Wednesdays @ 10 am with Hannah and Ralph Friesen.

Cal’s Prog Rock Radio Show

The best in progressive rock music from the 70’s to today, including news and information from around the prog rock world.  Fridays @ 6 pm with Cal. Repeats Wednesdays 6 am.

Check This Out

A show about all things library: Reader’s advisories, secrets revealed, bibliophiliac discussions from analog to digital, and the ever-evolving landscape of reading and knowledge. This show aired from 2016-2019, with Anne DeGrace and Avi…

Cover Me Impressed

Cover Me Impressed dives into the art of the cover song and leaves no genre stone unturned. Tune in and you might just hear your favourite song reimagined by your new favourite artist.


The ongoing overdose crisis is an unprecedented public health emergency. Thousands are dying while activists and researchers call for urgent change. Government isn’t doing enough to address the crisis, and the media is letting them get away with it.…

DBG Radio

A riot in the record store. Saturdays @ 7 pm.

Deep Tuesday Radio

Join your host Honeydripper for a one-hour exploration of time, space, and Deep House. Tuesdays @ 4 PM

Digital Age

Synths, modulators and pitch-shifters formed to make the unique sound of electronic music. Saturdays @ 3:30. 

Diversity Beets

Music in a variety of diverse genres plus live performances by local buskers.  Saturdays @ 2 pm. Repeats Wednesdays @ 2 pm.

Drug Traffic

Exploring the impact of drugs on society. Tuesdays @ 4 pm with Michael Goodliffe. 

Earshot 20

Weekly top 20 from Canadian campus and community radio stations.  Thursdays @ 1 pm with Anthony Enman and Brian Cleveland. (Syndicated)

Election 2018

As a public service to our listeners, Kootenay Coop Radio offered Election Candidates from the Regional Districts in our broadcast area as well as the City of Nelson an opportunity to showcase their candidacy with a short 5-15 minute radio…

Fiends Friendly Rock Show

A raucous revolt of mainstream pomp from a cantankerous fiend. Sundays @ 9 pm

Flu Shot

Connecting listeners with the world around them through the power of music. Wednesdays @ 4 pm with Holly McKinney.

Franc Ouest Confidentiel

Franc Ouest Confidentiel is a french-speaking show that goes behind the scenes of AFKO's podcast FRANC OUEST. Every week, we will listen to 1 episode and talk about its production. Franc Ouest is an intimate conversation/in-depth interview with a…

Full Spectrum Cinema

Full Spectrum Cinema is dedicated to bringing you lively and in depth analysis of the art of film. With Alexander and Dave . To listen to previous episodes, follow them on MixCloud: Tuesdays @ 3pm

Good Times Buffet

An exploration of everything hip-hop. Sounds, beats, and words.  Sundays @ 9 pm with Cam Penner & Rolf Gosney.


The Hootenholler crew aim to bring you two hours of kinda-sorta bluegrass music pretty much every week of the year. Saturdays @ 10 am with Nicole and Bob.

Hour of Slack

Bob’s big-time funhouse.  Sunday @ midnight with Bob.

I’m Just Sayin

A show about our parents' stories before they actually became our parents. Saturdays @ 4 pm

Irie Vibrations

Irie Vibrations took you on a trip to the Island for an hour of reggae, dancehall, and other irie vibrations. With Nathan Schilman and Victor Ulloa. 

JB Weld

Jeff and Bridget each share a curated set and lovingly muse, banter, and sometimes wrangle over the details.

KCR Live!

?KCR LIVE was an award-winning, live music program that aired from the KCR lobby. The aim was to provide an intimate and authentic experience to showcase the artist’s style and personality. Listeners had the feeling of having the artist…

Kootenay Arts and Cultural Connection

From live music, dance, theatre, streamed events and much more, KCR brings you your weekly arts and culture roundup every Friday morning at 11:30 am.

Kootenay Comedy Revue

Local, organic, free range Kootenay comedy showcase.  Looking at the stuff that makes stand-up stand out, and having a few laughs while we're at it.  Wednesdays @ 10pm.

Kootenay Dance

Enter the world of West Kootenay Dancers with host Troy Falck. Discover an interesting ongoing selection of interviews with local dance instructors and their dance schools. Scroll down to listen to the interviews.

La Roulette Russa

La Roulette Russa A Groovy Selection of Furby tunes for day-trippers with Carlo. Don't miss the shot☆Sundays from 4 to 6 pm.   Find all the shows here:  

Lab de la Paix

Fusion de mythologies, d’histoire, de poésie et de musique du monde. Un concert des cultures pour les sens. Lundi à 15h avec Vincent Deslauriers. Répète dimanche à 18h.  

Land B4 Crime

Was a show celebrating nerdisms for your inner 12-year-old, cuz superheroes are career choices. With Buck Addams.

Lo-Fi Lounge

Was a show celebrating 90’s cult nostalgia from the future. With Spencer Legebokoff.

Lopin’ Along the Cosmos

Ladies and gentlemen, your weekly dose of sounds found floating in space. Tuesday @ 5 pm with Ed


Spend an hour with Elaine and some of her timeless favourites.  Aired Mondays @ 10 am. Elaine passed away in 2022. Read more about her on her Memorial Page.

Mike’s Mix

Take a trip back to a time when things were a little slower and life a lot simpler. Sunday's @ 6pm.

MM Groove Ship

Board the The MM Groove Ship for a cruise through the galaxies of tuneage! Wednesdays @ 7 PM with Cary

Mood Marination

Marinate your mind in a relaxed state on a blissful musical journey.  Tuesdays @ 6 pm with Bertie Berkeley.

Music Nerds

Where music nerds discuss, debate, and educate on all topics and genres in music that they love.  Thursdays @ 7 pm with Andrea.

My Poor Name a’ Ringin’

An exploration of music from coast to coast to coast.  Wednesdays @ 4 pm with Cam Penner.

Nelson at its Best

Nelson is a wonderful place to live for many people, but imagine how it can become an even healthier, safer and more caring, inclusive, and just community for everyone—and what it will take for us to get there. With George Chandler Fridays at @11 am…


A showcase of Northern Ontario music talent. Sunday @ 6 pm with Stephanie

Novel Ideas

Connecting Kootenay book enthusiasts with our local literary scene.  Alternating Mondays at 6:00 pm with Samara Nicoll and Natasha Guillo.  

Portmanteau Perspective

Portmanteau Perspective is a non-linear journey, threaded with old loves, new family, meandering highways, and the soundtrack that accompanied it all.

Pucker Up

Harmonica tunes to delight the soul.  Tuesdays @ 11 am with Wendy Nelson. Repeats Monday @ 6 pm.

Pure Country

No nonsense classic country.  Sundays @ 5 pm with Bill Woikin.


The gayest hour on KCR, filled with all the glitter, learning, and laughter you can imagine. Alternating  Sundays @ 12 pm

Radio Hot Springs

A sonic bath of bubbling, eclectic music to invigorate the humor.  Tuesdays @ 5 pm with Ray Telford III. Repeats Friday @ 3 pm. 

Real Time Radio

Keeping you up to date with today’s pop.  Saturdays @ 3:30 pm.

Red Fish Blue Fish

Enter the world of 3-year-old best friends, baby brothers and sleep deprived parents. Saturdays @ 3pm with Christin Horkoff and Curtis Bending.

Regen Rhythms

Regenerated soulful tunes creatively mixed into a one hour set fresh from my tech 1200 turntables. With DJ Jazzy Jo

Roaming Radio

Taylor and Ian spice it up with a pinch of disc and a dash of wax. Alternating Thursdays 8pm and repeats alternating Mondays at 3pm.

Science for the People

A hard-hitting look at science, reason, and pseudo-science.  Wednesdays @ 11 pm. (Syndicated)

Sex, Drugs, How we Roll

Connecting you with sexual health and harm reduction.  Alternating Thursdays @ 10 pm with Kori Doty.

Shine A Light

Explore the relationship between music and the culture, politics, technology, and people that shaped it. Saturdays @ 6 pm.

Sinixt Stories: Ancestral Roots, Cultural Seeds

Sinixt storytellers and knowledge-keepers Marilyn James and Taress Alexis take us on 22 captivating and informative journeys, each show illuminating different aspects of this ancient culture. Though the Sinixt continue their deep ancestral…

So Many Trails

Discovering folk and country in a whole new way. Sundays @ 6pm. 

Socks and Sandals

Bringing you soundtracks, throwbacks, and nostalgic bangers. Fridays @ 3pm.

Somethin’ Else

Was a show celebrating the multitude of musical jazz styles from around the world.   

Songwriters and Covers

Celebrated singer-songwriters of note and covers of their work by other prominent artists. With Doug Pyper.    EPISODES  

Sound and Semblance

Music musings to reflect the tides of our internal dreamscapes. A sonic collage of drone, shoegaze, ambient, dreampop, synth and early electronic music. Sundays @ 5 pm

Speed Shades Radio Future

Cutting edge House & Electro with DJ Notok. Thursdays @ 7 pm.

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver, a journey into the human spirit. Exploring the depths of the human experience and the positive life solutions of our guests. Mike and Anthony hosted the show for 3 seasons between 2016 and 2018.

Storm’s Nostalgia Plus

Storm Grabowsky: horse rancher, environmental activist, and radio aficionado. Storm was a regular programmer for a few years on KCR. Once she stopped her regularly scheduled show, she continued to broadcast during KCR's annual summer breaks.  Tune…

Tale Spinners

Folk tales and stories from around the world. -with Wendy Nelson and Mary Mortimer. The show originally aired Fridays @ 1 pm and repeated Mondays @ 11 pm. A selection of the Tale Spinners programs can be heard here. Mary passed away in Nelson on…

Tales from the Tape

Join Angelia on the musical discovery through a 17-year-old's eyes, of lyrical brilliance, fire beats, twisted genres, and a century of musical works through the decades.

That’s Another Story

An exploration of the stories that impact our world, and the stories behind those stories. Friday @ 11:30 am with Mike Funergy Want to share your story on the show? Have a story or song suggestion? Contact or visit…

The Boy

Your late night musical kicks.  Thursdays @ 11 pm with Leroy Maarhuis.

The Grow Show with Velvet Cavanagh

The Grow Show Velvet Cavanagh, Kootenay Morning’s own cannabis correspondent and the owner of Ymir’s Phenologic Consulting, checks in, and helps us clear through the smoke of a busy few months in the pot business locally, and nationally, too. KCR…

The Plastic Show

Explore the spectrum of new and classic electronic and experimental music. Alternating Sundays @ 11 pm with Dale Butterfield.  

The Tea

Music to move you and ideas to inspire you. Sundays @ 9pm.

The Thread

Start with a song and see where it leads.  Fridays @ 3 pm with Mosang. 

The Tingle

That rush of blood, and that shiver of the spine. Musical selections that bring you back to the first time you heard something.  Sundays @ 7 pm.

Thirsty Thursday

Was a show featuring brand new tracks and the skinny on what was happening around your favourite little mountain town. With JoJo and TeeTee.

Two Chix, One Night

Heavy dose of realness brought to you by Steph and Emily. We like to explore all vibes of music and discuss the connections we have/experiences we make with it. Tune in Mondays @ 7 pm for some pleasant sensations and blunt topics. Reach out to us…


Local voices over the airwaves.

We Earth Radio

We Earth Radio is about learning how to listen: Listen to our bodies, others, and all of life in both the seen and unseen realms. It's about dropping from the chat room of the head to the still spacious interconnection with the heart of the world.…

What the Canuck?!

A 30-minute spotlight on Canadian music. Tuesdays @ 4:30pm with Adam & Anthony. Repeats Saturday @ 3pm.