Esteemed photographer Louis Bockner is the eye behind the camera, capturing award-winning shots for a long list of media outlets. He recently earned a nod from Magnum photos, founded by renowned photographer Henry Cartier Bresson for his depictions of Argenta.

While Bockner’s photography has taken him to locations such as the Northwest Territories and Guatamala,  he’s turned his eye and film camera on his hometown, particularly during the pandemic. He’ll go on a walk, meeting people and then develop his film at home.

“It’s mostly people, I would say. It’s just all these amazing characters I appreciate so much being a part of my community,” Bockner said on Kootenay Morning.

He shared the ‘push-and-pull’ feeling he gets of wanting to travel for work and wanting to stay in his own community.

“One thing that the pandemic has brought home to me is that having this home and this community is such a valuable place. I feel more committed to it than I have in a long time,” he said.

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