Well apparently there’s an app for that. As kids get back in the classroom across the province and the West Kootenay a new app will help keep parents up to date with the latest on the school district and potential cohort outbreaks of COVID-19.

SD8 Superintendent Christine Perkins broke that news on Kootenay Morning this Wednesday when she spoke to KCR.

Perkins also touched on the district’s phase 2 response plan, what learning will look like for local students and what parents can expect across the Kootenay Lake region this fall and winter.

The district has divided learning groups into specific cohorts and told KCR that should a member of the cohort develop an infection with COVID-19 just that cohort as opposed to the entire school will be removed from in-person learning.

She also praised local teachers and told parents that are hesitant to get their kids back in the classroom that they are in good hands.

“The thing that they can trust is that our schools are safe. Our schools do not have COVID. The buildings are safe and disinfected top to bottom,” said Perkins.

You can find the entire interview below: