Four years after Nelson artist Darwin Greyeyes disappeared, his remains were discovered in West Arm provincial park. The Nelson Police Department made that announcement early this week after DNA testing confirmed the identity.

Nelson Star reporter Tyler Harper has followed the story since the initial disappearance. In 2019 he won an award for his coverage of the story.

Harper stopped by Kootenay Morning on June 2 to talk a bit about Greyeyes and fill KCR on the recent NPD discovery.

The story dug deep on who Darwin Greyeyes was and on his lasting legacy in Nelson.

Harper talked about how moved he was working on the story.

“I’ve been doing this job for a really long time now, and for some reason that story just got me. I really came to know Darwin through my reporting over the months I worked on that story. I feel like I lost a friend.”

You can listen to the entire interview here: