It’s a wrap! The 2019 Kootenay Music Awards gala at Spirit Bar was a blast. Congratulations to all of the winners. In case you missed it, the winners are:

Rock: Roopa Rsk – Astrojet “How Do You Break Up With a Friend?”
Hip Hop: Mabus McLaren – “You Don’t Know Me”
Rhythm and Blues: Holly Hyatt – “River Flows”
Pop: Charlie Pears-Smith – “Little Miss Dysfunctional”
Roots: Mr.Dr.Brotherman – “Fancy Walkin”
Jam Band: The Hillties – “Delivered”
Electronic DJ: MaryAnn Marzinzik Spears
Electronic Producer: FRASE – “I Need It Now Ft.Fawna”
Best Music Video: Post-Modern Connection “Memories”
2019 Artist of the Year: Naturalist