Less than 20 years ago Kootenay Co-op Radio was just a sparkle in the eyes of a few locals who felt Nelson needed a community radio station that reflected the unique spirit of the West Kootenay.

Since that time, we’ve built a network that broadcasts to communities throughout the West Kootenay, including 93.5 FM in Nelson,  96.5 Crawford Bay, 107.5 New Denver, and 101.5 Slocan Valley and Castlegar. You can also find us online either on the web, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And we are growing.

This past year we re-developed our 10-year-old website, making it easier to navigate, and optimized for use on mobile and tablet.

We are also completing work on our signal expansion project which will allow us to broadcast from the top of Elephant Mountain, and dramatically improve the quality and range of 93.5 out of Nelson. This means that people will be able to tune in almost all of the way to Castlegar, throughout Blewitt, and up the North Shore. Once we’ve completed that project, we will be switching from mono to stereo broadcast to improve the audio quality of our broadcast.

And our programming is getting a shot in the arm as well. This September we will be significantly investing in Kootenay Morning, adding staff members and volunteers to increase the show to four days a week, and do more to cover news and events important to citizens of the West Kootenay.

If we were a for-profit enterprise, relying on paid labour to complete these projects, we would be spending hand over fist to make these projects happen. But thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, we’re getting most of this work done for free. Over 300 hours of volunteer time goes into each week of programming to make KCR happen.

That said, there are costs. Our tiny, but mighty staff works hard for their money. The new tower cost money to purchase, the engineering consulting fees required to make the application to the CRTC cost money, and the cost to install the new tower will cost money. And of course there are bills to pay.

To make ends meet, we rely on our supporters like you to invest in Kootenay Co-op Radio. When you donate to KCR every dime goes towards making projects like these happen. So when you become a member of the KCR family, you aren’t just helping us build a new transmission tower, you’re helping us better serve the entire community.

So please click below to sign up today, or pick up that phone and call us at 250.352.9600 right now. Annual memberships are available for $60, $96, $120, or $240. Or you can choose monthly subscription for as little as $5.50 per month, right up to $20 per month. And if you want to simply make a donation, you can donate any amount at all. Every dollar counts, so please become a member, and support member driven radio today!

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Graphic create with elements courtesy of Krisada and Jamison Wieser of the Noun Project.