This month’s image of Buchanan Lookout near Kaslo, comes to us from Ashley Voykin. Ashley is a Kootenay-based landscape and outdoor adventure photographer, whose work focuses on small towns, big mountains, and all of the spaces in between. You can follow her work on Facebook, or Instagram. We spotted this amazing shot on the West Kootenay Photography Group. 

Each month we feature a new photo of life in the Kootenays. We’ll be cruising the various sites around the internet dedicated to local photography to reach out to photographers, but if you’d like to submit a photo, here’s how you can do it. Tag your image with #kootenaycoopradio on Instagram, or send us a note.

As a all-volunteer organization, we cannot pay for photos. Instead, you join the ranks of over 100 people who generously donate their time and talent to help co-create Kootenay Co-op Radio. You of course retain the rights to your image, it’s just on loan to us.